Manual de instrucciones Samsung LW17M2

Si has encontrado esta página, seguramente tienes un problema y necesitas el manual de instrucciones para el dispositivo Samsung LW17M2. Recuerda comprobar si es el manual exacto para el dispositivo que buscas. En nuestra base Samsung LW17M2 pertenece a la categoría Televisión plana. El manual Samsung LW17M2 es del fabricante, la empresa Samsung - es un documento oficial y si tienes alguna duda acerca de su contenido, contacta directamente con el fabricante del dispositivo Samsung LW17M2. El manual Samsung LW17M2 se puede ver directamente online o guardar y almacenar en tu ordenador.

BN68-00939C-00Cover.qxd 8/18/05 8:53 AM Page 1  
Do not hesitate to contact your retailer or service agent if a  
change in the performance of your product indicates that a faulty  
condition may be present.  
Owner’s Instructions  
Before operating the unit,  
please read this manual thoroughly,  
and retain it for future reference.  
Correct Disposal of This Product  
(Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)  
(Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with  
separate collection systems)  
This marking shown on the product or its literature, indicates that it  
should not be disposed with other household wastes at the end of its working life.  
To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled  
waste disposal, please separate this from other types of wastes and recycle  
it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources.  
Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this  
product, or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take  
this item for environmentally safe recycling.  
Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of  
the purchase contract. This product should not be mixed with other commercial  
wastes for disposal.  
This device is a Class B digital apparatus.  
Register your product at  

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