Manual de instrucciones Samsung SyncMaster BX2050

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BX2050 • B2X02", 221.55"0, 23",B24X" L2ED3-B5ac0klit LBCXD M2o4nit5or0s  
Your workday already has enough compromise.  
Breakthrough Image Quality  
Resolution up to 1920 x 1080, 95% of sRGB  
color, 2ms response time and mega dynamic  
contrast ratio deliver magniꢀcent HD images  
with natural color.  
LED Backlight is Eco Friendly  
The LED backlight requires up to 40% less  
energy and uses no mercury or halogen, so  
it’s fully recyclable.  
Sophisticated Styling  
The Samsung Touch of Color charcoal gray  
nish beneath a crystal-like bezel, a graceful,  
chrome, V-shaped stand, and an ultra-slim  
/4" proꢀle give you a monitor you’ll enjoy  
With the Samsung 50 Series LED-backlit LCD monitors, you  
compromise nothing. A Touch of Color charcoal gray bezel and  
graceful chrome stand give you gorgeous styling. And the LED  
backlight with 95% sRGB color and mega dynamic contrast ratio  
gives you stunning HD images. It’s business with style. The Samsung  
looking at all day long.  
MagicAngle for Maximum Comfort  
MagicAngle ensures brilliant images from  
every angle. Whether viewed face on, from  
above or from below, there’s a setting to  
ensure you see full brightness and color range.  
0 Series LED-backlit LCD monitors. Business. Innovated.  
MagicEco Saves Energy and Eyesight  
MagicEco lets you work at 100%, 75% or 50%  
brightness, saving energy and reducing eye strain.  
Magic Return Makes Life Easier  
When using dual monitors, Magic Return  
displays the contents of both monitors on one  
when you turn one off (requires Windows 7).  
HDMI Connectivity  
Easily connect a Blu-ray player or HD gaming  
device, and enjoy the highest resolution.  
Energy-Efficient Standards  
From manufacturing to shipping to the way  
products operate, Samsung is continually  
committed to creating more efꢀcient, more  
environmentally conscious technologies.  
For complete product information, visit  

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