Manual de instrucciones Sony M-427

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Pre ca u t io n s  
Tro u b le sh o o t in g  
Ma in t e n a n ce  
On p o w e r  
Should any problem persist after you have made these  
checks, consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
Operate the unit only on 3 V DC.  
For AC operation, use the AC adaptor recommended  
for the unit. Do not use any other type. For battery  
operation, use two R6 (size AA) batteries.  
A ca sse t t e ca n n o t b e in se rt e d .  
n The cassette is being inserted in the wrong way.  
(The cassette should be inserted in the lid with the  
On t h e u n it  
tape side facing you.)  
Use only the y(standard microcassettes)  
with this unit. Non-standard cassettes cannot be used  
because their “L” dimension (see illustration) is  
n 9has been already pressed.  
rca n n o t b e p re sse d .  
n There is no cassette in the cassette compartment.  
n The cassette tab has been removed.  
ro r 9ca n n o t b e p re sse d .  
Operating Instructions  
Pinch roller  
n The tape has reached the end.  
n After the automatic shut-off, CPAUSE is slid in  
the direction of the arrow.  
To cle a n t h e t a p e h e a d a n d p a t h  
Only standard microcassettes  
have a small indention of side A.  
Press 9and wipe the head, capstan and the pinch roller  
with a cotton swab, moistened with alcohol every 10  
hours of use.  
Th e u n it d o e s n o t o p e ra t e .  
n The batteries have been inserted with incorrect  
n The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with  
new ones.  
To cle a n t h e e xt e rio r  
Use a soft cloth slightly moistened in water. Do not use  
alcohol, benzine or thinner.  
Approx. 5 mm  
Approx. 2.5 mm  
n CPAUSE is slid in the direction of the arrow.  
n The AC power adaptor or car battery cord is  
connected to the unit only and you are going to use  
the unit on batteries.  
No so u n d co m e s fro m t h e sp e a ke r.  
n The earphone is plugged in.  
n The volume is turned down completely.  
Th e so u n d d ro p s o u t o r co m e s w it h e xce ssive  
n o ise .  
n The volume is turned down completely.  
n The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with  
new ones.  
n The head is contaminated. See “Maintenance”.  
Ta p e sp e e d is t o o fa st o r t o o slo w in t h e  
p la yb a ck m o d e .  
n Improper setting of the TAPE SPEED switch. Set it  
to the same speed as that used for recording.  
Ta p e sp e e d is fa st e r t h a n t h e n o rm a l p la yb a ck  
sp e e d .  
Sp e cifica t io n s  
Do not leave the unit in a location near heat sources, or  
in a place subject to direct sunlight, excessive dust or  
mechanical shock.  
y(normal position type)  
Recording system  
Should any solid object or liquid fall into the unit,  
remove the batteries or disconnect the AC power  
adaptor, and have the unit checked by qualified  
personnel before operating it any further.  
Keep personal credit cards using magnetic coding or  
spring-wound watches etc. away from the unit to  
prevent possible damage from the magnet used for the  
When you do not use the unit for long, remove the  
batteries to avoid damage caused by battery leakage  
and subsequent corrosion.  
If the unit has not been used for long, set it in the  
playback mode and warm it up for a few minutes  
before inserting a cassette.  
2-track 1-channel monaural  
Sony Corporation ©1997 Printed in Japan  
Approx. 3.6 cm (1716 in.) dia.  
Tape speed  
2.4 cm/ s (1516 ips), 1.2 cm/ s (1532 ips)  
Frequency range  
300 – 4,000 Hz  
Earphone jack (minijack) for 8 – 300 ohms earphone  
Pow er output (at 10% harmonic distortion)  
160 mW  
Battery life (recording)  
See “Preparing Power Souces”.  
Pow er requirements  
To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not  
expose the unit to rain or moisture.  
V DC  
Two R6 (size AA) batteries  
Dimensions (w /h/d)  
n The TAPE SPEED switch is set between the 1.2 cm  
and 2.4 cm positions.  
Re co rd in g ca n n o t b e m a d e .  
n Connection is made incorrectly.  
n The batteries are weak. Replace both batteries with  
new ones.  
Approx. 66.7 x 120.8 x 25 mm (234 x 478 x 1 in.) incl.  
projecting parts and controls  
We lco m e !  
If you have any questions or problems concerning your  
unit, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.  
Thank you for purchasing the Sony Microcassette-  
Corder. Some features are:  
Approx. 160 g (5.7 oz) incl. batteries  
• The BATT lamp indicates when to replace the batteries.  
• The VOR (Voice Operated Recording) system (M-529V/  
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.  
n The head is contaminated.  
39V/ 579V only) starts and stops recording  
n Improper setting of the VOR switch (M-529V/  
Optional accessories  
Microcassette MC-60, MC-30  
Earphone ME-81, ME-L82  
Connecting cord RK-G64HG (miniplug to miniplug with  
AC power adaptor AC-E30HG  
Car battery cord DCC-E130L  
39V/ 579V only). Set it to H or OFF.  
automatically in response to the sound.  
• Edit function—You can start recording directly from the  
playback mode by pressing the rbutton to correct a  
previously recorded portion.  
Re co rd in g is in t e rru p t e d .  
n The VOR switch (M-529V/ 539V/ 579V only) is set  
to H or L. When you do not use VOR, set it to OFF.  
Re co rd in g ca n n o t b e e ra se d co m p le t e ly.  
n The head is contaminated.  
• Tape counter (M-529V/ 539V/ 579V only)  
Automatic shut-off mechanism at the end of the tape (in  
the recording/ playback mode only)  
Stop-pause-release function—The pause switch is  
released automatically when the p6button is  
depressed, so that you don’t miss a recording chance.  

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