Manual de instrucciones Sony NWZ-S515

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For the Customers in Netherlands  
Voor de Klanten in Nederland  
Gooi de batterij niet weg maar  
lever deze in als klein chemisch  
afval (KCA).  
Te ability to display the languages on the  
supplied soꢃware will depend on the installed  
OS on your computer. For better results, please  
ensure that the installed OS is compatible with  
the desired language you want to display.  
Adobe, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player  
are trademarks or registered trademarks of  
Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United  
States and/or other countries.  
Content providers are using the digital rights  
management technology for Windows Media  
contained in this device (“WM-DRM”) to protect  
the integrity of their content (“Secure Content”)  
so that their intellectual property, including  
copyright, in such content is not misappropriated.  
Tis device uses WM-DRM soꢃware to play  
Secure Content (“WM-DRM Soꢃware”). If the  
security of the WM-DRM Soꢃware in this device  
has been compromised, owners of Secure Content  
(“Secure Content Owners”) may request that  
Microsoꢃ revoke the WM-DRM Soꢃware’s right to  
acquire new licenses to copy, display and/or play  
MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and  
patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and  
We do not guarantee all the languages will  
be able to be displayed properly on supplied  
User-created characters and some special  
characters may not be displayed.  
IBM and PC/Aꢂ are registered trademarks of  
International Business Machines Corporation.  
Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc.  
Pentium is a trademark or a registered  
trademark of Intel Corporation.  
Notice ꢁor the customer in the countries  
applying EU Directives  
Depending on the types of the text and  
characters, the text shown on the player may not  
be displayed properly on device. Tis is due to:  
Te manufacturer of this product is Sony  
Corporation, 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, ꢂokyo,  
Japan. Te Authorized Representative for EMC  
and product safety is Sony Deutschland GmbH,  
Hedelꢀnger Strasse 61, 70327 Stuttgart, Germany.  
For any service or guarantee matters please refer  
to the addresses given in separate service or  
guarantee documents.  
Tis soꢃware is based in part on the work of the Secure Content. Revocation does not alter the  
Te capacity of the connected player.  
Te player is not functioning normally.  
Content information is written in the  
language or the character that is not  
supported by the player.  
Independent JPEG Group.  
WM-DRM Soꢃware’s ability to play unprotected  
All other trademarks and registered trademarks  
content. A list of revoked WM-DRM Soꢃware  
is sent to your device whenever you download a  
license for Secure Content from the Internet or  
from a PC. Microsoꢃ may, in conjunction with  
such license, also download revocation lists onto  
your device on behalf of Secure Content Owners.  
are trademarks or registered trademarks of their  
respective holders. In this manual, and ®  
marks are not speciꢀed.  
Tis product is protected by certain intellectual  
property rights of Microsoꢃ Corporation. Use  
or distribution of such technology outside of  
this product is prohibited without a license from  
Microsoꢃ or an authorized Microsoꢃ subsidiary.  
On Copyrights  
Notice ꢁor users  
Program ©2007 Sony Corporation  
Documentation ©2007 Sony Corporation  
AꢂRAC is trademark of Sony Corporation.  
WALKMAN” and “WALKMAN” logo are  
Te recorded song is limited to private use  
only. Use of the song beyond this limit requires  
permission of the copyright holders.  
registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.  
Sony is not responsible for incomplete  
recording/downloading or damaged data due to  
problems of the player or computer.  
Microsoꢃ, Windows, Windows Vista and  
Windows Media are trademarks or registered  
trademarks of Microsoꢃ Corporation in the  
United States and/or other countries.  
For the latest inꢁormation  
If you have any questions about or issue with this product, visit the following web sites.  
For customers in the USA:  
are trademarks of Sony  
For customers in Canada:  
For customers in Europe:  
For customers in Latin America:  
For customers in other countries/regions:  
For customers who purchased the overseas models:  
NWZ-S515 / S516 / S615F / S616F / S618F GB.3-218-247-11(1)  
NWZ-S515 / S516 / S615F / S616F / S618F GB.3-218-247-11(1)  

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