Manual de instrucciones Dialogic SS7G22

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Dialogic® SS7G21 and SS7G22 Signaling Servers Hardware Manual Issue 7  
Chapter 2: Introduction  
This manual addresses the hardware aspects of the Dialogic® SS7G21 and SS7G22 Signaling Servers  
(hereinafter sometimes referred to collectively as “the SS7G21 and SS7G22 products” and individually as "SS7G21" and  
"SS7G22," respectively). It includes the specification of the products, a functional description of the internal  
hardware modules, details of all the used interface connections (including pinouts) and provides installation  
instructions. The manual also describes maintenance procedures, allowing the user to make module-level  
replacements in the field, and lists the part numbers for spare parts. Users should refer first to Chapter 11,  
“International Warnings”, for important safety information.  
This manual should be read in conjunction with the appropriate SS7G2x <Operating Mode> User Manual,  
which gives full details of operation, including the user interface and a full description of all configuration  
parameters and commands. Section 2.10, “Related Information” on page 13 lists the various user manuals.  
The Signaling Servers covered by this manual include:  
Dialogic® SS7G21  
Dialogic® SS7G22  
The physical appearance of the units is shown in Figure 1.  
Figure 1. Dialogic® SS7G21 and SS7G22 Signaling Servers  
The product variants use the same 2U-high chassis intended for rack mounting in a standard 600mm x  
600mm rack (DIN 41494). Depending on the product variant, the chassis contains:  
An AC-input or a DC-input Power Supply Cage, with a single plug-in Power Supply Module. Optionally, a  
second module provides hot-swap redundancy.  
A Server Board (containing dual Intel Xeon processors)  
A Hard Disk Drive (HDD)  
CD-ROM Drive  
Up to three SS7 Signaling Boards  
Four 1 Gigabit/s Ethernet ports  
Cooling fans  
The main difference between the SS7G21 and the SS7G22 is the type of Dialogic® SS7 Signaling Boards  
hereinafter sometimes referred to as "SS7 Signaling Boards") used and hence the number of SS7 links supported.  
The SS7G21 supports up to 12 SS7 links and 12 linksets, while the SS7G22 supports up to 128 SS7 links and  
2 linksets.  

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