Manual de instrucciones Dialogic SS7G22

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Dialogic® SS7G21 and SS7G22 Signaling Servers Hardware Manual Issue 7  
Chapter 1: Warnings and Cautions  
Only a qualified service technician is authorized to remove the Top Cover and to access  
any of the components inside the product. Before removing the Top Cover, see  
Section 10.1, “Safety: Before Removing the Top Cover” on page 59 and Chapter 7,  
“Warnings and Cautions”.  
The equipment rack must be anchored to an unmovable support to prevent it from  
falling over when one or more products are extended in front of the rack on slides. You  
must also consider the weight of any other device installed in the rack. A crush hazard  
exists should the rack tilt forward which could cause serious injury.  
Only use a screwdriver tip to push in lock tabs on rack slides. A pinch hazard exists if  
fingers are used for this purpose.  
The telecommunication interfaces of this product are not intended for direct  
connection to “outside plant” signal conductors (metallic). The product shall be  
isolated, by channel banks or office repeaters, from any connections to network or  
terminal equipment, that lie outside of the same building. The telecommunication  
interface connections are considered to be, and meet the requirements of, SELV  
circuits (not TNV). Refer also to any region specific regulatory requirements of network  
connection in Chapter 4, “Regulatory Specifications and Declarations”.  
Note tha®t for some geographic regions, and subject to limitations, the T1/E1 ports of  
Dialogic SS7HDP boards in Dialogic SS7G22 products may be connected to “outside  
plant” signal conductors, and therefore become TNV-1 circuits. See Section 4.3.3,  
“Telecommunications” on page 28 for more details.  

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