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Interconnect Cables  
When installing your new Velodyne subwoofer using the line level connections, you should  
always use shielded phono cables. There are many high quality cables available today. It is  
recommended that you keep the length of cable as short as possible to avoid any potential  
noise problems.  
When using speaker level connections, use a high quality speaker cable that mates well with  
the connectors. Be very careful to avoid any loose strands or frayed wires that may result in a  
short, which may damage your equipment. Cables of extremely large size are not required due  
to the low current draw of this type of connection. Extremely large gauge wire may not properly  
fit in the terminals, resulting in a poor connection and possible short circuits.  
This section addresses usage of your DEQ-R subwoofer.  
Remote Control  
The features of the DEQ-R remote control are listed below.  
POWER — This button forces your DEQ-R subwoofer unit into  
standby mode. The woofer will not play and the LED will turn  
off. The unit will remain in this mode until the POWER button  
is pressed again. To fully deactivate (i.e. power down) the unit,  
turn off the power switch on the back panel.  
MUTE — This button mutes the subwoofer’s output. The LED  
on the sub will show 00 if the unit is muted. To unmute the  
subwoofer, press the MUTE button again and the original  
volume setting shows on the LED.  
EQ — This button automatically equalizes the subwoofer’s  
output so that it sounds best for its position in the room.  
To use this feature, remove the grille and plug the supplied  
Figure 2: DEQ-R Remote.  
microphone into the Mic-In jack on the front baffle of the sub and place the mic in your  
preferred listening position. Then press EQ on the remote for about 2-3 seconds. The  
subwoofer emits 12 “sweep tones” that span the frequencies between 20 and 150 Hz. The  
LED displays “AU” during the Auto-EQ process. After the sweeps are complete, the unit saves  
its EQ settings and returns to normal operation. To prevent accidental invocation of the EQ  
feature, you must hold down the EQ button for 2-3 seconds before the EQ sweeps begin. If  
the mic is not plugged in, the subwoofer sweeps twice then reverts back to normal functioning  
without changing any EQ settings.  
PHASE — These buttons allow you to optimize the subwoofer’s bass performance relative to  
the speakers and your listening position. Play some bass heavy music. While listening, push  
one of the four phase buttons, listen for a few moments, and then press the next phase  
button. In most installations, one of the four button positions will offer an audibly better blend  
of subwoofer and speakers. The LED will show the phase selected by showing “PH” followed  
by the phase number: 0, 90, 180 or 270.  
w w w . v e l o d y n e . c o m  
DEQ-R Series User’s Manual  

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