Manual de instrucciones Krell Industries 350Mcx

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Two people are needed to remove the Full  
Power Balanced amplifier from its shipping box  
safely and easily.  
Before you install the Full Power Balanced  
amplifier into your system, please follow the  
guidelines in this section to choose its proper  
location. This will facilitate a clean, trouble-free  
1. Open the shipping box and remove the top  
layer of foam. You see these items:  
The Full Power Balanced amplifier requires at  
least two inches (5 cm) of clearance on each  
side and at least eight inches (20 cm) of clear-  
ance above the component to provide ade-  
quate ventilation.  
Full Power Balanced Amplifier  
Packet containing the owner’s  
reference manual and the warranty  
registration card  
. Orient the shipping box so that one person  
stands at the front of the amplifier and one  
person stands at the rear of the amplifier.  
Both people need to grab a pair of the card-  
board handle cutouts (one pair located at the  
front of the amplifier and one pair located at  
the rear of the amplifier) and simultaneously  
lift the amplifier straight up, out of the carton.  
Although Sustained Plateau Bias III circuitry  
reduces the high heat dissipation and heat out-  
put of traditional Class A circuitry, Full Power  
Balanced amplifiers still can become hot under  
normal operation.  
When the front and rear of a cabinet are open  
the air space between the chassis and shelf  
must be unobstructed. If you place the amplifi-  
er in a closed cabinet, you may need to modify  
shelf spacing or use small fans to increase ven-  
tilation. For the dimensions of your Full Power  
Balanced amplifier, see Specifications, on  
pages 22–23.  
. Place the amplifier in a safe location and  
remove the protective plastic wrapping.  
If any of the items mentioned above are not  
included in the shipping box, please contact  
your authorized Krell dealer, distributor, or Krell  
for assistance.  
Place the amplifier as close to the speakers as  
possible. Krell CAST technology permits you to  
use interconnect cables of any length, see Rev-  
olutionary Krell CAST and CAST II Technol-  
ogy on page 3; however, try to keep the cable  
length to a minimum.  
Save all packing materials. If you ship your Full  
Power Balanced amplifier in the future, repack  
the unit in its original packaging to prevent tran-  
sit damage. See Return Authorization Proce-  
dure, on page 21 for more information.  
All Full Power Balanced amplifiers drive the  
lowest impedances with ease. When imped-  
ance is added due to long speaker cable  
lengths, amplifier power is wasted in the cable.  
Long speaker cables reduce the maximum  
power that is delivered in the speakers.  
Krell Full Power Balanced X Series Power Amplifiers  

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