Manual de instrucciones Arcam Compact Disc Players CD92

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Technical specification  
Digital to Analogue conversion  
CD72: 24-bit multilevel Delta-Sigma DAC  
W430 x D290 x H84mm  
CD92: High resolution proprietary multi-bit current output  
digital to analogue conversion. 24-bit dCS Ring DAC plus  
4.6kg nett/ 6.1kg packed  
5.6kg nett/ 7.1kg packed  
Power consumption  
Laser pick-up  
3 beam  
Laser wavelength  
Numerical aperture  
Dynamic range  
Digital output connection  
optical TOSLINK  
Supplied accessories  
Signal to noise ratio (CCIR)  
Harmonic distortion (0dB, 1kHz) <0.005%  
Mains lead  
Frequency response (±0.5dB)  
Output level (0dB)  
Output impedance  
CR-314 remote control  
x AAAbatteries  
Minimum recommended load  
NOTE: All specication values are typical unless otherwise  
Continual improvement policy  
Arcam has a policy of continual improvement for its products.  
This means that designs and specications are subject to  
change without notice.  
Radio interference  
The CD72 and CD92 players are digital audio devices which  
have been designed to very high standards of electromagnetic  
Both CD players and DACs generate, and can radiate RF (radio  
frequency) energy. In some cases this can cause interference  
with FMand AMradio reception. If this is the case, keep the CD  
player and its connecting cables as far from the tuner and its  
aerials as possible. Connecting the CD player and the tuner to  
different mains sockets can also help to reduce interference.  
EC COUNTRIES - These products have been designed to  
comply with directive 89/ 336/ EEC.  
USAThese products comply with FCC requirements.  
Laser radiation  
If an Arcam CD player is operated whilst the outer casing is  
removed, invisible laser radiation could cause eye damage.  
For more details about HDCD and HDCD recordings please visit  
the Pacic Microsonics website at or contact  
them at:  
Pacic Microsonics Inc., 2560 Ninth Street, Suite 219, Berkeley  
CA94710, USA.  
CD72/ 92  

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