Manual de instrucciones Samson UT-5

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Sys te m Fe ature s  
The Samson UHF Synthesized True Diversity System utilizes state-of-  
the-art technology in wireless communications. Here are some of its  
main features:  
74 available channels organized in 10 different groups in both the  
receiver and transmitter, with up to 11 channels available for simulta-  
neous use. This makes our UHF Synth System the ideal choice in  
multi-user environments such as stage productions and live band  
performance. It is also specifically suited for systems that travel into  
hostileRF environments (such as highly populated urban areas,  
where large numbers of radio transmissions occur simultaneously  
over broad bandwidth areas).  
The use of the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band as opposed to VHF  
(Very High Frequency), which yields better signal-to-noise ratio and  
improved frequency responsein plain English, superior sound  
quality. The UHF band is also considerably less crowded than VHF,  
thus minimizing potential interference problems. In addition, our  
special dielectric filtering circuitry (which, incidentally, is based upon  
cellular phone technology) provides extra narrow bandwidths, thus  
further reducing interference.  
True Diversity technology, which greatly extends the effective range  
of the system and also virtually eliminates interference and phase  
cancellation problems.  
Built-in dbx® noise reduction circuitry in both the transmitter and  
receiver. This ensures clear, transparent sound with an absolute  
minimum of background noise and hiss.  
A clear, easy-to-read visual display that shows continuous RF  
(Radio Frequency) level (indicating the strength of the received sig-  
nal) as well as AF (Audio Frequency) level. The RF level display also  
shows the clearest frequency to use in crowded wireless environ-  
Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs on both the UR-5 and  
UR-5D receivers, making them compatible with all types of external  
audio mixers and amplifiers.  

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