Manual de instrucciones Cisco Systems SR216

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Side Panel  
To rack mount the Switch, follow these instructions:  
To wall-mount the Switch, follow these instructions:  
Product Overview  
Quick Start Guide  
The security slot is located on the side panel of the Switch.  
STEP 1 The Switch has four mounting holes on each side. Screw an  
included mounting bracket into each side.  
STEP 1 The wall-mount slots are two crisscross slots on the Switch’s  
bottom panel. The distance between the two slots is 95 mm  
3.74 inches). Attach two screws to the wall, so that the Switch’s  
Thank you for choosing the 16-Port or 24-Port 10/100 Switch. The 16-Port and  
4-Port 10/100 Switches provide non-blocking, wire-speed switching for your  
0, and 100 Mbps network clients.  
wall-mount slots line up with the two screws.  
Maneuver the Switch so the screws are inserted into the two slots.  
Front Panel  
The 16-Port and 24-Port 10/100 Switches differ in number of LEDs and ports.  
Pictured here is the 24-Port Switch; however, the 24-Port Switch is similar in  
form. The LEDs and ports are located on the front panel of the Switch.  
The security slot is where you can attach a lock to protect the Switch from theft.  
Placement Options  
There are three ways to physically install the Switch:  
Set the Switch on its four rubber feet  
Mount the Switch in a standard-sized rack (1U high)  
Wall-mount the Switch using the wall-mount slots  
Front Panel of the SR224  
Place the Switch in the rack, and secure the brackets with additional  
screws (not included).  
System—(Green) This LED lights up and remains lit when the Switch is  
powered on.  
Rack Mount Instruction Tips  
Ambient Temperature—To prevent the switch from overheating, do not  
operate the switch in an area that exceeds the recommended ambient  
through the corresponding port. It flashes when the corresponding port is  
-16 (SR216) or 1-24 (SR224)—Each LED lights up when a connection is made  
Cisco Small Business  
Models SR216 and SR224  
6-Port and 24-Port 10/100 Switches  
Reduced Air Flow—If you install the switch in a rack, be sure that there is  
adequate air flow as required.  
1-16 or 1-24—These ports connect the Switch to network devices, such as  
Package Contents  
Back Panel  
The power port is located on the back panel of the Switch.The power port is  
where you will connect the included power cord.  
Mechanical Loading—Be sure that the switch is level and stable when you  
mount the switch in a rack to avoid any hazardous condition.  
SR216 or SR224 Switch  
Circuit Overloading—Do not overload the power outlet or circuit when  
installing multiple devices in a rack.  
Power Cord  
Quick Start Guide  
Reliable Grounding—Be sure that the switch is grounded and use suitable  
electrical supply connections.  

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