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Introduction, cont’d  
Twisted pair (TP) cable advantages  
Twisted pair cable is much smaller, lighter, more ꢁexible, and less expensive than  
coaxial cable. These TP products make cable runs simpler and less cumbersome.  
Termination of the cable with RJ-45 connectors is simple, quick, and economical.  
Do not connect this device to a computer data or telecommunications  
Transmission distances  
The maximum distances are determined by the frequency and resolution of the  
video signal being routed and by which MTPX Plus inputs and outputs (TP or  
local) are in the full (video source to display) routing path. The tables below and  
on the next page specify the recommended maximum transmission distances  
terminated with RJ-45 connectors.  
Nꢀ •ꢀ Forꢀbothꢀtables,ꢀtheꢀminimumꢀTPꢀcableꢀlengthꢀshouldꢀbeꢀ50 (15 m).  
ꢀ RS-232ꢀserialꢀcommunicationsꢀcanꢀbeꢀsentꢀupꢀtoꢀ1,000ꢀ(300ꢀm)ꢀfromꢀtheꢀ  
ꢀ Itꢀisꢀpossibleꢀtoꢀexceedꢀtheꢀrecommendedꢀdistances;ꢀhowever,ꢀimageꢀqualityꢀ  
may be reduced.  
ꢀ Forꢀbothꢀtables,ꢀtheꢀMTPXꢀoutputꢀcanꢀbeꢀextendedꢀbyꢀ50 (15 m) for those  
outputs (MTP transmitter or MTPX) that have a Pre-Peak feature that is  
turned on.  
ꢀ Theꢀtransmitters,ꢀreceivers,ꢀandꢀmatrixꢀswitcherꢀareꢀdesignedꢀforꢀandꢀperformꢀ  
best with Extron Enhanced Skew-Free A/V cable terminated in accordance  
acceptable, but less preferable. We also recommend the use of preterminated  
and tested cables. Cables terminated on site should be tested before use to  
ensure that they comply with Category 5 speciꢀcations.  
ꢀ Theꢀrecommendationsꢀshownꢀinꢀtheꢀtablesꢀapplyꢀequallyꢀforꢀaꢀtransmissionꢀ  
line consisting of a single transmitter, the switcher, and receiver and for a  
transmission line that encompasses a transmission daisy chain. For example,  
the maximum suggested output range (MTPX Plus TP output to MTP  
consists of the switcher and a single receiver or the switcher and three daisy-  
chained receivers. This range can be extended to 500if the output is one that  
has the Pre-Peak function and the function is turned on.  
ꢀ Forꢀdaisy-chainedꢀunits,ꢀtheꢀfirstꢀreceiverꢀinꢀtheꢀchainꢀshouldꢀbeꢀatꢀleastꢀ50’ꢀ  
15 m) from the switcher when the Pre-Peak feature is on.  
ꢀ Forꢀdaisy-chainedꢀunits,ꢀanyꢀreceiverꢀinꢀtheꢀchainꢀcloserꢀthanꢀ350’ꢀ(105ꢀm)ꢀ  
may experience some form of over-peaking when the Pre-Peak switch is on.  
An overpeaked image may appear bloomed.  
MTPX Plus Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers • Introduction  

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