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Facebook chat  
Keep tabs with all your close friends using Facebook  
chat. Be sure you’ve signed into Facebook before using  
Facebook chat.  
Snap, tag, and share  
It’s easy to share photos you’ve snapped with the  
Auto upload pics  
Want to upload all the pics from your birthday to  
Facebook at the same time? Your phone can do it  
If you signed into your Google Account when you first set  
up your phone, you’ll be able to send and receive Gmail  
messages. From the Home screen, just tap  
Get HTC Sync  
You can use the HTC Sync software to sync contacts,  
calendar, and other information between your computer  
and your phone. Copy HTC Sync from the microSD card  
that came with your phone and install it on your computer.  
Enjoy apps with your friends  
The Android Market has thousands of games and apps that  
you can download to your phone. You can recommend  
your favorites instantly to your circle of friends who have  
Android phones so that they can download them too.  
Your HTCChaCha  
Quick guide  
camera on Facebook and other social networks. Before  
uploading, you can give it  
your friends to see.  
title and then tag it for all  
> Gmail.  
From the Home screen, tap  
Fb Chat  
Friends of  
In the camera app, press  
and then tap Auto Upload.  
Here’s how to use the Mail app to set up and manage your  
other email accounts such as webmail, POP3, IMAP, or  
Exchange ActiveSync accounts.  
Facebook tab.  
1. From the Home screen, tap  
Select the Automatically upload photo to an album check  
box, choose when you want the photos uploaded, and  
which album you want them uploaded to.  
1. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB  
cable that came with your phone.  
1. From the Home screen, tap  
Your Facebook friends are displayed, along with their  
online status and the last message you exchanged with  
2. Press and then tap Share. You’ll see the list of games  
2. Point the camera at your friends and press  
the photo.  
to take  
2. When the Connect to PC screen appears, tap Disk  
drive, and then tap Done.  
1. From the Home screen, tap  
> Mail.  
and apps that you’ve downloaded and installed from  
Android Market.  
If you create  
new album to upload to, you can also select  
Select which album to upload to. You can also create  
a new album and set privacy settings for the uploaded  
the privacy settings. There you go!  
2. On the Choose mail provider screen, choose the type  
of email account to set up.  
3. On your computer, access your phone’s storage card  
which is recognized as a removable disk.  
Facebook friend to enter  
chat room and  
3. Tap an app, and then choose how to share it.  
continue your conversation.  
If you don’t see this screen, press , tap More > New  
account, and then choose the type of email account.  
4. Copy HTCSync.exe to your computer.  
Tap Add tag and description.  
Connect to the Internet  
Get online using your phone’s data connection or Wi-Fi.  
3. Enter the Email address and Password for your email  
5. Unmount your phone as required by your computer’s  
operating system to safely remove it.  
Battery saving tips  
Here are some things you can do to get the most out of a  
Catch up with friends  
Friend Stream connects you to your social networks.  
5. Enter  
Tap anywhere near  
From the list that shows, select the friend’s name.  
caption if you want and then tap Tag this photo.  
6. On your computer, double-click HTCSync.exe and follow  
the onscreen instructions to install HTC Sync.  
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish setting up  
your email account.  
single charge.  
a data connection  
Share and get updates from friends in popular networks  
like Facebook and Twitter in  
single view. With Friend  
7. When finished tagging the photo, tap Done and then  
tap Save.  
It’s simple. When you turn your phone on for the first  
time (with the SIM card inserted), it should connect  
automatically to your mobile operator’s data service. If  
Visit our support website ( from  
time to time to check for the most recent HTC Sync  
upgrade so you can download and install it.  
Turning off automatic updates  
Stream, you can easily track your friends’ status messages,  
photo uploads, notifications, and more  
post your own.  
or comment and  
Keep in contact  
For some apps such as Weather, turn off automatic  
presented with  
list of mobile operators to choose from,  
update. In the Weather app, press  
, tap Settings, and  
make sure that you select the correct one for your SIM  
card. If you’re not sure, contact your service provider.  
In the People app, you’ll see your contacts from your  
Google Account, Facebook®, and even your Exchange  
ActiveSync® account if you’re signed in to these accounts  
on your phone. Aside from their contact details, you’ll also  
see their status updates and birthday reminders if they’re  
your Facebook or Twitter™ friends.  
then clear the Update automatically check box.  
Open and read documents  
Turning on power saver  
For the complete user guide and other helpful resources,  
go to Please also read the Safety  
and regulatory guide that’s included in the box.  
Using Wi-Fi  
From the Home screen, press  
Tap Settings Wireless networks.  
Select the Wi-Fi check box to turn Wi-Fi on.  
You can download  
PDF viewer from Android market to  
Set your phone to automatically switch to power saver  
open PDF documents or PDF email attachments.  
mode when the battery level reaches  
a certain level.  
If you have more contacts in your SIM card, you can  
import them all to your phone in one go. You can also  
add new contacts.  
Download Quickoffice from the HTC Hub to open and  
view documents (.doc), spreadsheets (.xls), Microsoft  
PowerPoint (.ppt) and text (.txt) files.  
1. From the Home screen, press , and then tap Settings.  
Tap Wi-Fi settings, and then choose  
Wi-Fi network to  
2. Tap Power, and then select the Enable power efficiency  
and Enable power saver check boxes.  
Tap Done again to upload the photo to Facebook.  
connect to.  
Tap Turn power saver on at and Power saver settings to  
91H0xxxx-xxM Rev.A  
set and select power saver options.  

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