Manuel d'utilisation Grindmaster AMW 7446

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Item # _______________________________  
Project _______________________________  
Date _________________________________  
Twin and Single Mid Line Fresh Water Urns  
Heat Exchange Brewing System  
Twin Models 7443, 7446, 74410  
Single Models: 7413, 7416, 74110  
Fresh Water Brewing  
Easy to operate:  
Water used for brewing is fresh water that is heated in a coiled,  
nickel-plated, copper heat exchange tube inside the urn. As water  
passes through the heat exchanger coil it is heated to optimum  
brew temperature.  
Fully Automatic – Push Button Operation  
Simply load brew basket with coffee, align spray arm over basket lid  
hole and press brew start button.  
Adjustable Bypass valve on spray arm  
Enables proper coffee extraction even with variable water conditions  
Durable Construction  
All A.I.S.I. type 304, 18-8 stainless steel  
Dial Thermometer with color-marked brew zone.  
Constant Brew Temperature  
Brew temperature varies less than 5ºF (3ºC) throughout spay over  
• Thermostat adjustable from front  
Knob on thermostat has four marked positions: Brew, Hold,  
Night Standby and Off.  
Automatic Coffee Agitation  
Thoroughly mixes brewed coffee immediately after spray over  
is completed  
Automatic refill of water compartment  
Water compartment automatically refills and reheats as needed.  
• Drain valve in bottom  
Low water cutoff System  
Protects heating elements from burn out, at start-up or in operation.  
• Control drawer with all electronic components is  
accessible from side.  
Velvet Smooth Spray Arm  
Teflon® coating on spray arm piston prevents liming and insures  
smooth operation. Positive “stops” on spray arm for operator ease.  

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