Manuel d'utilisation Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950

Si vous arrivez à cette page, vous avez probablement un problème, et vous avez besoin de manuel du dispositif Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950. Soyez sûr de vérifier qu'il s'agit exactement de manuel du dispositif que vous cherchez. Dans notre base de données Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950 il appartient à la catégorieEcran. Le manuel d'utilisation Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950 vient du fabricant, l'entreprise Samsung - c'est un document officiel, et si vous avez des doutes quant à son contenu, s'il vous plaît contacter directement le fabricant Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950. Le manuel Samsung Computer Monitor BX1950 peut être visualisé directement en ligne, ou enregistré et stocké sur votre ordinateur.

Do not let the product drop while moving it.  
Do not place the product face down on the  
This may result in a problem with the  
product or injury.  
This may damage the panel of the product.  
When installing the product on a console or  
shelf, make sure that the front of the product  
does not protrude out of the console or shelf.  
When putting the product down, handle it  
Otherwise, it may result in a problem with  
the product or injury.  
Otherwise, this may cause the product to  
fall off and result in a malfunction or injury.  
Make sure to use a cabinet or shelf suitable  
to the size of the product.  
If the product is installed in a location where the  
operating conditions vary considerably, a  
serious quality problem may occur due to the  
surrounding environment. In this case, install  
the product only after consulting one of our  
service engineers about the matter.  
Places exposed to microscopic dust,  
chemicals, too high or low temperature,  
high humidity, such as airports or stations  
where the product is continuously used for  
a long time and so on.  
Cleaning Related  
Since using a surfactant, which contains a large amount of alcohol, solvent or other strong chemicals, may result  
in the discoloration or cracking of the product exterior or the panel surface coming off, be sure to use the recom-  
mended cleansing agent only.  
You can purchase the recommended cleansing agent from a service center.  
Before cleaning the product, unplug the power  
When cleaning the product, do not spray water  
directly over the product parts.  
Otherwise, it may result in electric shock or  
Make sure that water does not enter the  
Otherwise, it may result in fire, electric  
shock or a problem with the product.  
Major Safety Precautions  

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