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Fine Tune  
¦ Economical Solutions  
analog channels only)  
The Eco Function can be used to enhance your power  
Ifthe reception is clear, you do not have to ꢀne tune the  
channel, as this is done automatically during the search and  
store operation. Ifthe signal is weak or distorted, ꢀne tune  
the channel manually. Scroll to the left or right until the image  
is clear.  
Eco Solution  
MENUm Picture Eco Solution ENTERE  
Settings are applied to the channel you're currently  
Energy Saving (Off / Low / Medium / High / Picture  
Off): This adjusts the brightness ofthe TV in order to  
reduce power consumption. Ifyou select Picture Off,  
the screen is turned off, but the sound remains on.  
Press any button except the volume button to turn on  
the screen. Until the screen turns on again, a distorted  
picture will be displayed for about 4 seconds.  
Fine tuned channels that have been saved are marked  
with an asterisk “*” on the right-hand side ofthe  
channel number in the channel banner.  
To reset the fine-tuning, select Reset.  
Picture Menu  
Eco Sensor (Off / On): To enhance your power savings;  
the picture settings will automatically adapt to the light  
in the room.  
Changing the Preset Picture Mode  
Ifyou adjusts the Cell Light, the Eco Sensor will  
be set to Off.  
MENUm Picture Mode ENTERE  
Min Cell Light: When Eco sensor is On, the minimum  
screen brightness can be adjusted manually.  
Mode t  
IfEco Sensor is On, the display brightness  
may change (become slightly darker or brighter)  
depending on the surrounding light intensity.  
Select your preferred picture type.  
Dynamic: Suitable for a bright room.  
Standard: Suitable for a normal environment.  
Relax: Suitable for reducing eye strain.  
No Signal Power Off (Off / 15 min. / 30 min. / 60  
min.): To avoid unnecessary energy consumption,  
set how long you want the TV to remain on ifit's not  
receiving a signal.  
Relax is not available in PC mode.  
Disabled when the PC is in power saving mode.  
Movie: Suitable for watching movies in a dark room.  
Changing the Picture Options  
Adjusting Picture Settings  
MENUm Picture ENTERE  
Advanced Settings  
MENUm Picture Advanced Settings →  
Cell Light / Contrast / Brightness /  
Sharpness / Color / Tint (G/R)  
Advanced Settings are available in Standard / Movie mode)  
Your television has several setting options for picture quality  
Compared to previous models, new Samsung TVs have a  
more precise picture.  
In PC mode, you can only make changes to Dynamic  
Contrast, Gamma and White Balance.  
When you make changes to Cell Light, Contrast,  
Brightness, Sharpness, Color or Tint (G/R) the  
Advanced Settings  
OSD will be adjusted accordingly.  
Black Tone  
: Off  
In PC mode, you can only make changes to Cell  
Light, Contrast and Brightness.  
Dynamic Contrast  
: Medium  
: 0  
Settings can be adjusted and stored for each  
external device connected to the TV.  
Expert Pattern  
RGB Only Mode  
Color Space  
White Balance  
: Off  
: Off  
: Native  
U Move  
English 15  
PC6500_USA]BN68-02581A-03Eng.indb 15  
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