Manuel d'utilisation Sony SRF-87

Si vous arrivez à cette page, vous avez probablement un problème, et vous avez besoin de manuel du dispositif Sony SRF-87. Soyez sûr de vérifier qu'il s'agit exactement de manuel du dispositif que vous cherchez. Dans notre base de données Sony SRF-87 il appartient à la catégorieLecteur MP3. Le manuel d'utilisation Sony SRF-87 vient du fabricant, l'entreprise Sony - c'est un document officiel, et si vous avez des doutes quant à son contenu, s'il vous plaît contacter directement le fabricant Sony SRF-87. Le manuel Sony SRF-87 peut être visualisé directement en ligne, ou enregistré et stocké sur votre ordinateur.

Pre ca u t io n s  
FM St e re o /AM  
Ra d io  
Operate the unit only on 1.5 V DC with  
one size AAA (R03) battery.  
Avoid exposure to temperature  
extremes, direct sunlight, moisture,  
sand, dust, or mechanical shock. Never  
leave in a car parked in the sun.  
Should anything fall into the unit,  
remove the batteries, and have the unit  
checked by qualified personnel before  
operating it any further.  
Operating Instructions  
To clean the casing, use a soft cloth  
dampened with a mild detergent  
In vehicles or in buildings, radio  
reception may be difficult or noisy.  
Try listening near a window.  
WALKMAN is a registered trademark of Sony  
Notes on Headphones  
Road safety  
Sony Corporation © 1997 Printed in China  
Do not use headphones while driving,  
cycling, or operating any motorized  
vehicle. It may create a traffic hazard and is  
illegal in many areas. It can also be  
potentially dangerous to play your  
headphones at high volume while walking,  
especially at pedestrian crossings. You  
should exercise extreme caution or  
discontinue use in potentially hazardous  
You are cautioned that any changes or  
modifications not expressly approved  
in this manual could void your  
authority to operate this equipment.  
Preventing hearing damage  
This device complies with the Part 15 of  
the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to  
the condition that this device does not  
cause harmful interference.  
Avoid using headphones at high volume.  
Hearing experts advise against continuous,  
loud and extended play. If you experience a  
ringing in your ears, reduce volume or  
discontinue use.  
Caring for others  
Keep the volume at a moderate level. This  
will allow you to hear outside sounds and  
to be considerate to people around you.  
Be fo re Yo u Be g in  
Thank you for choosing the Sony radio! It  
will give you many hours of reliable service  
and listening pleasure.  
If there is lightning when you are using the  
unit, take off the headphones immediately.  
Before operating the radio, please read  
these instructions thoroughly and retain  
them for future reference.  
Do not immerse in Water  
Fe a t u re s  
This product is designed to be water-  
resistant, but should not be immersed in  
water or come in continuous contact with  
Water-resistant for all-weather use  
Hands free pendant style  
DX/ LOCAL switch  
Before installing the battery, be sure to  
wipe off drops of water on the unit.  
The supplied headphones are not meant  
to be immersed in water or come in  
continuous contact with water, if they  
get wet, dry them with a soft cloth.  
Never use an electric hair dryer while  
wearing the headphones.  
MEGA BASS function that emphasizes  
deep bass sounds  
If you have any questions or problem  
concerning your unit, please consult the  
nearest Sony dealer.  

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