Manuel d'utilisation Apple ME087LL/A

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Mission Control  
Safari web browser  
Mac App Store  
Launchpad is the home for all the  
apps on your Mac. Just click the  
Launchpad icon in the Dock, and  
your open windows are replaced by  
group them together in folders,  
or delete them from your Mac.  
When you download an app from  
the Mac App Store, it automatically  
appears in Launchpad.  
Mission Control gives you  
screen apps, and Dashboard, the  
home of mini-apps called widgets.  
Click anything to zoom in on it.  
Think of Mission Control as the hub  
of your system—view everything  
Click the Safari icon in the Dock and  
surf the web quickly and easily with  
Multi-Touch gestures. Scroll up or  
down with one finger on Magic  
Mouse. Swipe right and left with  
two fingers to go back and forth  
between pages. Hold down the  
Control key and scroll with one  
finger to zoom in and out.  
Mail lets you manage all your  
popular email services like Gmail,  
Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail. You can  
also use Mail with the free  
email account you get with iCloud.  
The first time you open Mail, Setup  
Assistant will help you get started.  
With iTunes, you can organize and  
play your digital music and videos  
on your Mac. And you can shop in  
the iTunes Store for new music,  
movies, TV shows, books, and more.  
iTunes is also where you’ll find the  
App Store for iPad, iPhone, and  
iPod touch.  
Keep track of your busy schedule  
with Calendar. You can create  
separate calendars—one for home,  
send invitations using contact info  
from the Contacts app, then see  
who has responded. Use iCloud  
to update calendars on all your  
devices automatically or share  
calendars with other iCloud users.  
Just log in with your Apple ID, and  
you can send unlimited messages  
including text, photos, videos, and  
device and pick it up on another.  
And if you want to talk to someone  
face to face, you can start a video  
call* just by clicking the FaceTime  
icon in the top-right corner of the  
Messages window.  
iPhoto is the best way to organize,  
browse, edit, and share your photos  
on your Mac. You can organize your  
photo library by Faces, Places, and  
Events. To send photos by email  
or publish them to Facebook, just  
select the photo and click Share  
in the bottom right of your screen.  
Or click Create to turn your favorite  
shots into photo books, calendars,  
and cards.  
iMovie puts all your video clips  
in one place and gives you the  
editing tools and special effects  
you need to quickly turn them  
into something memorable. You  
can make great-looking movies  
or even Hollywood-style movie  
trailers with just  
few clicks. And  
The Mac App Store is the best way  
to find and download thousands of  
apps for your Mac, from games and  
social networking to productivity  
apps and more. New apps install  
in one step to Launchpad. You can  
install apps on every Mac authorized  
for your personal use and even  
download them again. The Mac  
App Store lets you know when app  
bird’s-eye view of everything  
running on your Mac. Click the  
Mission Control icon in the Dock,  
and your desktop zooms out to  
display all the open windows in  
every application, all your full-  
email accounts from  
iMovie lets you import video from  
most popular digital video cameras,  
your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch,  
or the FaceTime HD camera on  
your Mac.  
ad-free inbox, even when you’re  
not connected to the Internet. It  
works with most email standards—  
including POP3 and IMAP—and  
another for school,  
third for work.  
more to your friends on  
Mac, iPad,  
and OS X updates are available, so  
full-screen display of all your apps.  
See all your calendars in  
iPhone, or iPod touch. With iCloud,  
you always have the latest versions.  
Open the Mac App Store by clicking  
its icon in the Dock.  
Arrange apps any way you want,  
and go anywhere with just  
window or choose to see only the  
calendars you want. Create and  
you can start  
conversation on one  
Open Launchpad  
Click the Launchpad  
icon in the Dock.  
Open Mission Control  
Click the Mission Control  
icon in the Dock.  
Located at the top  
left for easy access.  
Add desktop spaces  
Click the button  
to the right of the top  
row to add new space.  
Reading List  
Click the glasses icon to  
save pages to read later.  
Top Sites  
Get quick overview  
of the sites you visit  
Full-screen view  
Click the full-screen button  
to go full screen.  
One-stop email  
View all your accounts in  
Mail for one-click access.  
Conversation view  
See all the email  
messages from  
conversation thread.  
iTunes Store  
Discover and buy new music,  
movies, and more.  
Genius Mixes  
Multiple calendars  
Access multiple calendars  
from one place.  
Calendar view  
Add an event  
Double-click in  
calendar to create  
Replies in progress  
Three dots mean your  
Delivery receipts  
See when your  
message has arrived.  
Start video call  
right in Messages.  
Double-click any Event  
to browse photos.  
Create books,  
cards, and calendars.  
Project browser  
Simply drop your  
Event browser  
Discover new apps  
Always up to date  
Updates to your purchased  
apps and OS X appear  
Group apps in folders  
by dragging one app  
on top of another.  
Quickly narrow search  
results to find exactly  
what you want.  
Let iTunes search your music  
library and group songs that  
go great together.  
Select the view you  
prefer—day, week,  
month, or year.  
iPhoto can even organize  
your photos based on  
who’s in them.  
Your imported videos  
appear here so you  
can access all your clips.  
Browse thousands of  
apps and download them  
straight to Launchpad.  
friend is typing  
clips in  
to create a  
great movie.  
most often.  
new event.  
Requires FaceTime-enabled device for both caller and recipient. Not available in all areas.  

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