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baking and  
1. Press CONVECT.  
. Press TEMP/TIME “up” or “down” arrow pads to set a temperature other than 350°F (175°C) in  
5°F (5°C) increments between 170°F and 500°F (75°C and 260°C).  
. Press START.  
. To change the temperature, repeat Step 2. Press START or wait 5 seconds for the change to  
take effect.  
. Press CANCEL when finished.  
KEEP WARM Hold warm  
Food must be at serving temperature before placing it in the warmed oven.  
. Press KEEP WARM.  
. Temperature is set at 170°F (75°C) for 60 minutes (1.00 hour).  
. Press START.  
. Press CANCEL when finished.  
NOTE: The oven will automatically turn off after 60 minutes.  
Delayed start  
The Start Time keypad is used to enter the starting time for an oven function with a delayed start.  
Start Time should not be used for foods such as breads and cakes because they may not bake  
To set a Timed Cook or a Delayed Timed Cook, see “Cook Time” section.  
Timed cooking  
Clean cycle  
Timed Cooking allows the oven to be set to turn on at a certain time of day, cook for a set length of  
time, and/or shut off automatically.  
To set a Timed Cook or a Delayed Timed Cook, see “Cook Time” section.  
See the “Clean Cycle” section.  
Oven control  
1. Check that the oven is off.  
hold 3 sec  
. Press and hold the START (hold 3 sec to lock) keypad for 3 seconds.  
. A tone will sound, and “Loc” will be displayed.  
. Repeat to unlock. Only the CLOCK, OVEN LIGHT and TIMER keypads will function with the  
controls locked. The cooktop functions are not affected by the oven control lockout.  
to lock)  
Ceramic Glass  
The surface cooking area will glow red when an element is on.  
Some parts of the surface cooking area may not glow red when an  
element is on. This is normal operation. The burner will cycle on  
and off to maintain the selected heat level. It will also randomly  
cycle off and back on again even while in High to keep the cooktop  
from extreme temperatures.  
It is normal for the surface of light colored ceramic glass to appear  
to change color when surface cooking areas are hot. As the glass  
cools, it will return to its original color.  
Clean the cooktop after each use to help avoid scratches, pitting,  
abrasions and to condition the glass surface. Ceramic glass  
cooktop cleaner and a cooktop scraper are also recommended for  
stubborn soils. Do not use abrasive cleaners, cleaning pads or  
harsh chemicals for cleaning. The Cooktop Care Kit Part Number  
Fire Hazard  
Turn off all controls when done cooking.  
Failure to do so can result in death or fire.  
1605 contains all of the items needed to clean and condition your  
ceramic glass cooktop. Refer to the “Range Care” section for  
additional information.  
IMPORTANT: To avoid permanent damage to the cooktop surface  
and to make soils easier to remove, clean the cooktop after each  
use to remove all soils.  
Avoid storing jars or cans above the cooktop. Dropping a heavy  
or hard object onto the cooktop could crack the cooktop.  
To avoid damage to the cooktop, do not leave a hot lid on the  
cooktop. As the cooktop cools, air can become trapped  
between the lid and the cooktop, and the ceramic glass could  
break when the lid is removed.  
The control knobs can be set to anywhere between HIGH and  
LOW. Push in and turn to setting.  
For foods containing sugar in any form, clean up all spills and  
soils as soon as possible. Allow the cooktop to cool down  
slightly. Then, while wearing oven mitts, remove the spills using  
a scraper while the surface is still warm. If sugary spills are  
allowed to cool down, they can adhere to the cooktop and can  
cause pitting and permanent marks.  
REMEMBER: When range is in use, the entire cooktop area  
may become hot.  

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