Manuel d'utilisation GE 49-8319

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leaving them  
only dry pot holders-moist  
before touching  
children can  
or damp holders on hot surfaces  
may result in burns from steam. Do  
not let pot holders come near  
flames when  
Never wear  
fitting hanging garments  
while using the appliance. when  
reaching for items stored in  
cooktop. Flammable material  
brought in contact with  
lifting cookware. Do  
bulky cloth in of a pot holder.  
use a towel or other  
over the  
ignited if  
To minimize the possibility  
or hot  
of flammable materials, and spillage, turn  
cookware handles toward the side or back of the  
range without extending over adjacent burners.  
and may cause severe burns.  
For your safety,  
warming or heating  
use your appliance for  
surface burner to OFF before  
removing cookware.  
Do not use  
Never pick a flaming  
flaming pan by covering pan  
watch foods being fried at high  
flame setting.  
pan. Turn  
Never block the  
range. They provide the air inlet and outlet that  
are necessary the range to operate properly  
(air openings) of the  
completely with well-fitting lid,  
or flat tray. Flaming grease outside a pan  
put out by covering with baking soda or, if  
available, a multi-purpose dry chemical or  
foam-type fire  
with correct combustion. Air openings  
rear of the cooktop and at the top  
of the oven door.  
Do not leave paper products, cooking  
or food in the oven when not in use.  
the wok has round metal ring that is placed  
over the burner grate to support the This  
acts as a heat trap, which may damage the  
burner grate and burner head. Also, it may cause  
the ‘burner to work improperly. This may cause  
carbon monoxide level above that allowed by  
current standards, resulting a health hazard.  
use a wok on the cooking surface if  
Do not store flammable materials in  
or the broiler drawer or near the cooktop.  
not store or use combustible  
gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids  
in the vicinity of this  
other appliance,  
Do not let cooking grease other flammable  
materials accumulate in or near the range.  
Foods for frying should be as dry as  
or moisture on  
fresh foods can cause hot fat to bubble up and  
over sides of pan.  
When cooking pork, follow the directions  
exactly and always cook the meat to an internal  
temperature of at least  
This assures that, in  
possible amount of fat  
pan too  
the remote possibility that trichina may be present  
in the meat, it will be killed and the meat will be  
safe to eat.  
shallow deep-fat frying. Filling  
full of fat can cause  
when food is added,  
If a combination  
in frying, stir together  
or fats will be used  
heating or as fats  
Surface Cooking  
Always use the LITE position when igniting  
top burners and make sure the burners have  
Always heat fat  
and watch as it heats.  
Use a deep fat thermometer whenever  
possible to prevent overheating fat beyond the  
smoking point.  
Never leave surface burners unattended at  
high flame settings.  
causes smoking and  
that may catch on fire.  
Adjust top burner flame size so it does not  
extend beyond the edge the cookware.  
Excessive flame is hazardous.  

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