Handleiding A.O. Smith 101

Als u deze pagina heeft gevonden, heeft u waarschijnlijk een probleem en heeft u waarschaijnelijk de danleiding voor het apparaat A.O. Smith 101 nodig. Controleer dat het een handleiding is voor het apparaat dat u zoekt. In onze databank A.O. Smith 101 behoort het tot de categorie Waterkoker. De handleiding A.O. Smith 101 is afkomstig van de fabrikant, het bedrijf A.O. Smith - het is een officieel document, en als u twijfelt over de inhoud, neem dan direct contact op met de fabrikant van het apparaat A.O. Smith 101. De handleiding A.O. Smith 101 kunt u direct online bekijken of op te slaan op uw computer.

the temperature is less than the operating setpoint minus the The UIM receives commands from the user and displays  
differential temperature and the thermostat input is closed then operational information to the user via an LCD (liquid crystal  
a call for heat is established and the system shifts to the run  
mode (green "Running" LED turns on).  
display) up to eleven LED's, and five touch switches. The LCD  
provides information to the user by the use of 10 menu-activated  
screens. Within each of the screens, helpful information can be  
displayed by pressing the "Help" button. The LED's visually inform  
the user about the mode the system is in. The touch switches  
allow the user to control the operation of the system. The operation  
of these parts is described in the following section:  
The heating sequence begins by applying power to the pump.  
After a few seconds the blower is turned on for 30-second  
pre-purge period of combustion chamber.  
The igniter is turned on.  
UIM Screens:  
After the igniter has reached a minimum of 2.8 amps, the gas On all screens a double vertical bar appears on the right side of  
valve is energized to allow gas flow to burner.  
the display each time a key is touched to indicate that a key has  
been activated. On several screens an indicator ">" appears on  
the left side of the display to indicate the active line. The "Up/  
Down" keys are used to move the indicator to the desired line and  
the "Select" key is pressed to select the line. Also, on most of the  
After an additional one second, the system checks the status  
of the flame through the flame rod (sensor). If the flame is  
not verified within 4 seconds, the gas valve is immediately  
shut off followed by 15-second inter-purge period, then the  
system returns to step 7, if the "Trial for Ignition" dipswitch is screens, up/down arrows appear on the right side of the screen to  
set for three (3) tries. If the dipswitch is set for one (1) trial, indicate that there is additional lines either above or below the  
the system will declare an error and boiler will require displayed four lines.  
resetting the control.  
Menu Screen:  
Displayed when the user presses the "Menu" key. This screen  
is the selection point for the other 9 screens.  
0. The boiler will remain running until the set point is satisfied.  
Once satisfied, the blower will continue for 15-second post  
purge period.  
Temperature Screen:  
11. Once set point has have been satisfied, the boiler pump will  
Displays the sensed temperatures of the Outlet, Inlet, and Tank  
probes. Also displayed is the calculated Delta T (Outlet minus  
Inlet) for the system. Shorted ("Short") and disconnected  
continue to run for the programmed post-circulate cycle.  
2. The control now enters the idle state as displayed by the  
"----") probes are also displayed.  
Standby" LED. The control will continue to monitor heat  
demand and state of other system devices. Upon a drop of  
water temperature below the set parameters, the control will  
return to step 5 and repeat the entire operating cycle. Note:  
Any fault detection, during standby or running modes, will  
halt the heating sequence and shift the system to the service  
mode where the detected fault will be displayed.  
System Status Screen:  
This screen is used to view the status of switch inputs and output  
states. An asterisk (*) is displayed next to the label when the  
status is "True" (the description is fulfilled). For example, if  
water is flowing, or detected by the flow sensor, then an "*" will  
appear in front of the Flow label (i.e. *Flow). Another example  
would be the ECO switch. If the outlet temperature is too high  
the display will show: *ECO.  
NOTE: In standby and running modes the system constantly  
monitors the signals and the internal operation for faults. Any  
detected fault will halt the heating sequence and shift the system  
to the service mode, where the detected fault will be displayed.  
The System monitors the inputs at these times:  
ECO, Blocked Flue, Low Gas, Hi Limit, and Hi Gas - at all times  
for a fault condition.  
Tstat - at all times for open/closed conditions.  
Flow-for an on condition when the pump is on (no check for  
off state)  
The boiler has a hysteresis type control, which means that it will  
begin heating the water when the temperature sensed by the  
control probe (inlet or tank) falls below the operating setpoint  
minus the differential setpoint. It will stop heating the water when  
the temperature rises to the operating setpoint.  
Blower Prover - when the Blower is on.  
Igniter Current - for an on condition approximately 18 seconds  
after the Igniter is turned on until the igniter is turned off and an  
off condition at all other times.  
Flame - for an on condition approximately 5 seconds after the  
gas valve is turned on until the valve is turned off and at all  
other times for an off condition.  
Control Status Screen:  
Displays the status that the MCB micros are in. The MCB has 5  
possible states and the FCB have 9. The normal MCB states  
sequence is to move from Idle to Pre-Circulate when a call for heat  
isinitiated. Onceheat hasbeensatisfiedortheThermostat is opened,  
the sequence moves to Post-Circulate and then back to Idle. If a  
fault occurs at any time, the process jumps out of sequence and  
goes directly to the appropriate Hard or Soft Fault state.  
Description of MCB control states:  
The yellow "Standby" LED is turned on and the system  

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