Handleiding Sony PCV-RS613GY

Als u deze pagina heeft gevonden, heeft u waarschijnlijk een probleem en heeft u waarschaijnelijk de danleiding voor het apparaat Sony PCV-RS613GY nodig. Controleer dat het een handleiding is voor het apparaat dat u zoekt. In onze databank Sony PCV-RS613GY behoort het tot de categorie Laptop. De handleiding Sony PCV-RS613GY is afkomstig van de fabrikant, het bedrijf Sony - het is een officieel document, en als u twijfelt over de inhoud, neem dan direct contact op met de fabrikant van het apparaat Sony PCV-RS613GY. De handleiding Sony PCV-RS613GY kunt u direct online bekijken of op te slaan op uw computer.

Sony 17” Flat Panel LCD SDM-HS73 included  
Versatile. Empowering. Ready for entertainment.  
RW5 and Click to  
Bring Your VHS tapes  
into the 21st Century  
Turn your family VHS videos  
into great looking DVDs with  
Watch and Record Your  
VAIO Creation Suite  
Ready for entertainment.  
Favorite Television Shows  
VAIO’s Giga Pocket Per-  
Loaded with powerful VAIO  
original software empower-  
ing you and your digital  
Click to DVD software for  
DVD creation.  
PictureGear Studio software  
for your digital photo needs.  
SonicStage music software  
The Sony VAIO RS Series  
comes loaded with hard-  
ware and software to help  
you discover how easy it is  
to create, manage, and  
share your digital photos,  
videos, and music. Versatile.  
Empowering. Ready for your  
digital lifestyle.  
Create professional quality  
DVDs with just one click  
sonal Video Recorder enables  
you to watch and record your  
favorite television shows.  
using VAIO’s original Click  
Sony VAIO’s Giga Pocket™  
to DVD creation software  
MPEG encoder / TV Tuner  
and VAIO’s original Click to  
DVD creation software.  
Connect your VCR to the  
composite Audio/Video or  
S-Video ports for easy ana-  
log to digital conversion of  
your home movies.  
and DVD±RW drive . Burn  
With Click to DVD creation  
digital home movies to per-  
sonalized DVDs and create  
slide shows from your digital  
software you can record the  
shows to DVD for playback  
on a home DVD player or  
while on the road with  
Notebook PC .  
will enhance your music lis-  
tening experience.  
Expansion Slots  
Sony Original Software  
Computer Interface: The computer industry lacks stan-  
dards, and therefore, there are a multitude of varying  
software packages and add-on hardware options. This  
personal computer is not manufactured to any specific  
software, and Sony does not and cannot make any war-  
ranty or representation with respect to the performance  
of this product with any particular software packages  
and/or non-Sony add-on hardware option except those  
mentioned in this document. Sony hereby disclaims any  
representations or warranty that this product is compat-  
ible with any combination of non-Sony products you  
may choose to connect. ꢀhile Sony representatives or  
Sony authorized dealers may be able to assist you and  
may make recommendations, they are NOT authorized to  
vary or waive this disclaimer. Purchasers must deter-  
mine for themselves the suitability and compatibility of  
the hardware and software in each and every particular  
instance. Some pre-installed software titles may not  
include full documentation. Software titles pre-installed  
on the Sony Desktop Computer are subject to change  
without notice. Simulated graphic shown on display.  
Multi-Media Card Reader  
(Memory Stick , Compact  
Flash TypeIandTypeII,  
IBMMicroDrive )  
One 8x AGP (occupied by Graphics  
Giga Pocket - Personal Video  
LCD Display  
Sony 17” Flat Panel LCD SDM-HS73  
One Year Limited Express Repair  
Click to DVD - DVD Creation  
PictureGear Studio - Digital Photo  
DVgate Plus®- Digital Video  
Limited Warranty  
One Year Parts and Labor7  
Three PCI (two occupied)  
Expansion Bays  
Two 5.25” Half-Height (occupied)  
One External 3.5” (occupied)  
Two Internal 3.5” (one occupied)  
Port Connections  
Seven USB® 2.0 (three front/four rear)  
Two PS/2 (Mouse/Keyboard)  
One VGA  
One DVI Monitor Port  
One TV-Out  
One S/PDIF Out  
One Parallel Port  
Intel Penti®um 4 Processor 2.8E GHz1  
SonicStage - Digital Music  
Repair Service  
VAIO Media - Network File Sharing  
with Intel Hyper-Threading  
Includes customer-replaceable part  
Operating System ®  
service and mail-in Sony depot  
Microsoft ꢀindows XP  
Cache Memory  
service options.8  
Ho®me Edition  
1MB L2 Cache  
VAIO recom® mends Microsoft  
Telephone Support  
Hardware: One Year  
Front Side Bus Speed  
Standard RAM  
ꢀindows XP  
©2004 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved.  
Reproduction in whole or in part without  
written permission is prohibited. Sony, i.LINK, VAIO  
Digital Studio, SonicStage, Memory Stick, DVgate Plus,  
Picture Gear Studio, Giga Pocket, VAIO Media, Click to  
DVD, Like No Other, and VAIO are trademarks of Sony,  
Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel  
Corporation. Microsoft, ꢀindows and Outlook are trade-  
marks of Microsoft Corporation. Realone is a trademark  
of RealNetworks, Inc. All other trademarks are trade-  
marks of their respective owners. This product meets the  
standards of the International Energy Star Program for  
energy efficiency. Features and specifications are sub-  
ject to change without notice. ꢀeights and measure-  
ments are approximate.  
Software and Operating System:  
Other Soft®ware A®pplications  
Microsoft ꢀorks 7.0 -  
90 Days  
GB PC-3200 400MHz DDR  
Word Processing, Spreadsheet,  
Management, and Database  
Onꢁline and Email Support  
Free support available from  
(expandable to 2.0GB)  
Hard Drive  
60GB 7200rpm Ultra ATA/100 Hard  
Microsoft Office 2003 60-Day  
Student/Teac®her Edition Trial  
Intuit Quicken 2004 New User  
1. GHz denotes microprocessor inter-  
nal clock speed; other factors may  
affect application performance. CPU  
speed will be reduced under certain  
operating conditions.  
2. GB means one billion bytes when  
referring to hard drive capacity.  
Accessible capacity may vary. A por-  
tion of hard disk space is reserved as  
a recovery partition.  
3. New users only. Terms and condi-  
tions apply.  
4. Limited duration trial edition.  
5. DVD Media/Formats are not uni-  
versally compatible.  
6. i.LINK is a trademark of Sony used  
only to designate that a product con-  
tains an IEEE 1394 connector. All  
products with an i.LINK connector  
may not communicate with each other.  
7. Certain restrictions apply. For a copy  
of Sony’s warranty, please visit  
www.sony.com/pcsupport, call toll-  
free 888-476-6972 (888-4SONYPC),  
or write to Sony Electronics, 12451  
Gateway Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL  
One Line In  
DVD±RW ꢀ5 CDꢁRW Drive  
One 6pin i.LINK Port (rear)/ One  
pin (front)  
One Headphone  
InterVideo ꢀinDVD  
Printed in U.S.A. 7/04  
8X max. -R write / 4X max. -Rꢀ rewrite /  
MoodLogic 2.7 Trial4  
One Microphone  
8X max. -R/-Rꢀ read)  
S-Video: Two Inputs (front and rear)  
Composite Video / Audio Inputs  
AntiꢁVir®us & Recovery Software  
Norton Internet Security™ 90 Day  
8X max. +R write / 4X max. +Rꢀ rewrite /  
(front and rear)  
8X +R/+Rꢀ max. read)  
Stereo Line Input/Output  
Coaxial Input (VHF/UHF)  
Supplied Accessories  
Speakers (Stereo)  
(FeaturesNorton AntiVirus,  
Norton PersonalFirewall,  
Norton Privacy Contol, Norton  
AntiSpam , and Norton  
(24X max. -R write / 16X max. rewrite /  
32X max. -R read / 24 max. -Rꢀ read)  
IR Re®mote Control and Receiver  
VAIO® Keyboard  
PS/2 Mouse  
Power Requirements  
Min. 266ꢀ 100-120V 4.7A (50/60Hz)  
Power Management  
ACPI 1.0 Compliant  
6X max. DVD-ROM Read / 40X max.  
VAIO® Recovery ꢀizard  
CD-ROM read  
VAIO Support Agent  
Floppy Disk Drive  
.5” 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive  
Online Center ®  
America Online 90 Day Trial3  
Video & Graphics  
ATI Radeon™ 9200  
28MB Video Memory (128-bit DDR)  
Dimensions (CPU) & Weight (CPU)  
VGA-out / DVI-Out (DVI output:  
280x1024x60Hz max.)/TV-Out  
.2”(ꢀ) x 15.6”(H) x 14.9”(D)  
6.5 lbs.  
(IEEE 1394)  
8X AGP 3D Graphics Hardware  
. Type of repair service provided is  
solely at Sony’s discretion. Not all  
types of repair service offered on all  
Sony reco®mmends  
Giga Pocket™ MPEG2 Encoder / TV  
Microsoft Windows XP  
Sony Electronics Inc.  
For more information:  
10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet (RJ-45)  
V.90 compatible data/fax modem  
1.800.4SONYPC (476-6972)  
ꢀeb address: http://www.sony.com/vaio  

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