Handleiding Skil 1677M

Als u deze pagina heeft gevonden, heeft u waarschijnlijk een probleem en heeft u waarschaijnelijk de danleiding voor het apparaat Skil 1677M nodig. Controleer dat het een handleiding is voor het apparaat dat u zoekt. In onze databank Skil 1677M behoort het tot de categorie Zaag. De handleiding Skil 1677M is afkomstig van de fabrikant, het bedrijf Skil - het is een officieel document, en als u twijfelt over de inhoud, neem dan direct contact op met de fabrikant van het apparaat Skil 1677M. De handleiding Skil 1677M kunt u direct online bekijken of op te slaan op uw computer.

BM 1619X01743 08-06 8/17/06 8:48 AM Page 11  
Allow blade to come to a Turn saw around and finish the cut in the normal  
complete stop before lifting manner, sawing forward. If corners of your  
the saw from cut. Also, never pull the saw pocket cut are not completely cut through, use a  
backward since blade will climb out of the jigsaw or hand saw to finish the corners.  
material and KICKBACK will occur.  
Large sheets and long boards sag or bend,  
depending on support. If you attempt to cut  
without leveling and properly supporting the  
piece, the blade will tend to bind, causing KICK-  
BACK and extra load on the motor (Fig. 8).  
FIG. 8  
Support the panel or board close to the cut, as  
shown in (Fig. 9). Be sure to set the depth of the  
cut so that you cut through the sheet or board  
only and not the table or work bench. The two-  
by-fours used to raise and support the work  
should be positioned so that the broadest sides  
support the work and rest on the table or bench.  
Do not support the work with the narrow sides  
as this is an unsteady arrangement. If the sheet  
or board to be cut is too large for a table or work  
bench, use the supporting two-by-fours on the  
floor and secure.  
FIG. 9  
The combination blade provided with your saw When rip cutting large sheets, the rip fence  
is for both cross cuts and rip cuts. Ripping is may not allow the desired width of cut. Clamp  
cutting lengthwise with the grain of the wood. or nail a straight piece of 1" (25 mm) lumber to  
Rip cuts are easy to do with a rip fence the sheet as a guide (Fig. 11). Use the right  
Fig. 10). Rip Fence is available as an side of the foot against the board guide.  
accessory (not included). To attach fence, insert  
fence through slots in foot to desired width as  
shown and secure with the wing nut (not  
FIG. 11  
FIG. 10  

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