Handleiding Skil 1677M

Als u deze pagina heeft gevonden, heeft u waarschijnlijk een probleem en heeft u waarschaijnelijk de danleiding voor het apparaat Skil 1677M nodig. Controleer dat het een handleiding is voor het apparaat dat u zoekt. In onze databank Skil 1677M behoort het tot de categorie Zaag. De handleiding Skil 1677M is afkomstig van de fabrikant, het bedrijf Skil - het is een officieel document, en als u twijfelt over de inhoud, neem dan direct contact op met de fabrikant van het apparaat Skil 1677M. De handleiding Skil 1677M kunt u direct online bekijken of op te slaan op uw computer.

BM 1619X01743 08-06 8/17/06 8:48 AM Page 12  
Preventive maintenance  
performed by unauthorized  
personnel may result in misplacing of  
internal wires and components which  
could cause serious hazard. We  
recommend that all tool service be performed  
by a Bosch Factory Service Center or  
Authorized Bosch Service Station.  
motor housing and lift out the brushes; note  
which way they face, so that the brushes can  
be returned to their original position. Clean the  
brush holder openings with compressed air or  
a clean cloth and replace the brushes and  
Only genuine Bosch replacement brushes  
specially designed for your tool should be  
Your Bosch tool has been properly lubricated  
and is ready to use. However it is  
recommended that the gears be relubricated  
only with Bosch lubricant: WD7LUB or Skil  
After about 300-400 hours of operation, or at  
every second brush change, the bearings  
should be replaced at Bosch Factory Service  
Center or Authorized Bosch Service Station.  
Bearings which become noisy (due to heavy  
load or very abrasive material cutting) should  
be replaced at once to avoid overheating or  
motor failure.  
Always check the  
oil level before  
using the saw. To  
check and add oil:  
Remove plug from  
power source and  
To avoid accidents always  
disconnect the tool from  
place the saw’s foot on a horizontal surface.  
Remove oil plug using the same wrench used  
to remove the saw blade. The oil level should  
never be below bottom threads in the housing.  
When adding oil, fill until oil starts to run out of  
oil hole at arrow on housing and replace oil  
the power supply before cleaning or  
performing any maintenance. The tool may  
be cleaned most effectively with compressed  
dry air. Always wear safety goggles when  
cleaning tools with compressed air.  
Ventilation openings and switch levers must  
be kept clean and free of foreign matter. Do  
not attempt to clean by inserting pointed  
objects through openings.  
NOTE: If oil is extra dirty or thick, replace the  
plug and run the saw for one minute to warm  
up the oil. Then remove oil plug and turn saw  
upside down, to remove all oil. Fill housing  
with kerosene. Replace plug and run for one  
Certain cleaning agents  
and solvents damage  
minute to flush out the gear housing. Drain out plastic parts. Some of these are: gasoline,  
the kerosene and add fresh Bosch lubricant. carbon tetrachloride, chlorinated cleaning  
With a new saw, change the oil after the first solvents, ammonia and household detergents  
ten hours of use.  
that contain ammonia.  
The brushes and commutator in your tool have Blades become dull even from cutting regular  
been engineered for many hours of lumber. If you find yourself forcing the saw  
dependable service. To maintain peak forward to cut instead of just guiding it through  
efficiency of the motor, we recommend every the cut, chances are the blade is dull or coated  
two to six months the brushes be examined. with wood pitch.  
The brushes should be free from dust and dirt.  
When cleaning gum and wood pitch from  
Brushes should be replaced when they have  
blade, unplug the saw and remove the blade.  
worn down to 3/16" in length. The brushes  
Remember, blades are designed to cut, so  
should slide freely in and out of the holders  
handle carefully. Wipe the blade with kerosene  
without sticking.  
or similar solvent to remove the gum and pitch.  
To check brushes: Disconnect plug from Unless you are experienced in sharpening  
power source. Unscrew the brush caps on the blades, we recommend you do not try.  

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