Handleiding Skil 1677M

Als u deze pagina heeft gevonden, heeft u waarschijnlijk een probleem en heeft u waarschaijnelijk de danleiding voor het apparaat Skil 1677M nodig. Controleer dat het een handleiding is voor het apparaat dat u zoekt. In onze databank Skil 1677M behoort het tot de categorie Zaag. De handleiding Skil 1677M is afkomstig van de fabrikant, het bedrijf Skil - het is een officieel document, en als u twijfelt over de inhoud, neem dan direct contact op met de fabrikant van het apparaat Skil 1677M. De handleiding Skil 1677M kunt u direct online bekijken of op te slaan op uw computer.

BM 1619X01743 08-06 8/17/06 8:48 AM Page 4  
Check the operation of the lower guard Do not run the saw while carrying it at your  
spring. If the guard and the spring are not side. Lower guard may be opened by a  
operating properly, they must be serviced contact with your clothing. Accidental contact  
before use. Lower guard may operate with the spinning saw blade could result in  
sluggishly due to damaged parts, gummy serious personal injury.  
deposits, or a buildup of debris. Disconnect the  
plug from power source. Periodically remove  
the blade, clean the upper, lower guards and  
the hub area with kerosene and wipe it dry, or  
Depending upon use, the switch may not  
last the life of the saw. If the switch should  
fail in the “OFF” position, the saw may not  
start. If it should fail while the saw is  
blow it clean with compressed air.  
running, the saw may not shut off. If either  
Lower guard should be retracted manually occurs, unplug the saw immediately and do not  
only for special cuts such as “Pocket Cuts” use until repaired.  
and “Compound Cuts”. Raise lower guard  
This circular saw should not be mounted to  
by Lower Guard Lift Lever. As soon as blade  
a table and converted to a table saw. Circular  
enters the material, lower guard must be  
saws are not designed or intended to be used  
released. For all other sawing, the lower guard  
as table saws.  
should operate automatically.  
Always observe that the lower guard is  
covering the blade before placing saw down  
on bench or floor. An unprotected, coasting  
blade will cause the saw to walk backwards,  
cutting whatever is in its path. Be aware of the  
time it takes for the blade to stop after switch is  
Kickback is a sudden reaction to a pinched,  
bound or misaligned saw blade, causing an  
uncontrolled saw to lift up and out of the  
workpiece toward the operator.  
NEVER hold piece being cut in your hands  
or across your leg. It is important to support  
the work properly to minimize body exposure,  
blade binding, or loss of control.  
Hold tool by the insulated gripping surfaces  
when performing an operation where the  
cutting tool may contact hidden wiring or it  
own cord. Contact with a "live" wire will also  
make exposed metal parts of the tool “live” and  
shock the operator.  
When ripping always use a rip fence or  
straight edge guide. This improves accuracy  
of cut and reduces the chance for blade binding.  
Always use blades with correct size and  
shape (diamond vs. round) arbor holes.  
Blades that do not match the mounting  
hardware of the saw will run eccentrically,  
causing loss of control and will not allow proper  
vari-torque engagement.  
When the blade is pinched or bound tightly by  
the kerf closing down, the blade stalls and the  
motor reaction drives the unit rapidly back  
toward the operator.  
If the blade becomes twisted or misaligned in  
the cut, the teeth at the back edge of the blade  
can dig into the top surface of the wood causing  
the blade to climb out of the kerf and jump back  
toward the operator.  
Never use damaged or incorrect blade  
washers or bolts. The blade washers and bolt  
were specially designed for your saw, for  
optimum performance and safety of operation.  
The blade washers and the bolt on your saw  
have been designed to work as a “VARI-  
TORQUE CLUTCH”. Understand the operation  
and settings of the VARI-TORQUE CLUTCH,  
because the proper setting of the CLUTCH,  
combined with firm handling of the saw will  
allow you to control KICKBACK.  
Kickback is the result of tool misuse and/or  
incorrect operating procedures or conditions  
and can be avoided by taking proper  
precautions as given below:  

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