Handleiding Atlantic Technology IWTS-8e

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IWTS-8e In-Wall Subwoofer  
System Configurations  
maximize inner bass detail and articulation. The result  
is very “fast” bass response without boom or overhang:  
Music is taut and precise; special effects are powerful  
and room-filling.  
The SA-380 amplifier is a mono-block amplifier, which  
drives a single IWTS-8e SUB woofer module. Any  
number of amplifier/woofer modules may be used,  
depending on the system requirements. In small- to  
medium-sized rooms, it’s likely that a single amp/  
woofer module will be all that’s needed for outstanding  
bass. For larger spaces (or when extremely loud bass  
reproduction is a necessity), two or more amplifier/  
woofer modules can be used.  
The woofer module is shown in its  
dedicated in-wall enclosure. Once  
it’s installed within the wall (new  
construction only) all you see is  
a gently curved perforated metal  
grille that projects into the room  
approximately 1½ inches. The  
grille and the trim ring around the  
woofer module are supplied in a  
matte white primer finish that can  
be used as is or painted to match  
the surrounding wall surface.  
Amplifier Features  
Subwoofer Features  
The woofer module consists of two very powerful 8-inch  
drivers specially designed to deliver substantial bass  
energy from the in-wall enclosure. Because they’re only  
the amplifier’s signal.  
inches in diameter, their cones respond very quickly to  
Fits in standard  
x 4 construction  
In addition, the baffle is coated with a special compound  
called RDT™ (Resonance Dampening Treatment),  
designed to suppress unwanted baffle resonances and  
SA-380 Mono Subwoofer Amplifier  
RMS Power (before limiting and servo) 380 W @ 4 Ohms, <.025%THD  
Signal to Noise Ratio (-90dB hum) -97dB @ full power  
Frequency Response (typical, in room) 20-150 Hz ±3 dB  
Low Level Input Sensitivity  
Low Level Input Impedance  
Power Supply Storage  
250mv @ full output, 100Hz  
15K Ω  
22K microfarads  
Toroidal Transformer  
IWTS-8e SUB Woofer Module  
Peak Output Stage Current  
Dimensions (W x H x D)  
40amps rated  
17” x 1½” x 11½”  
(2) 8” High output woofers,  
Coated Composite Molded Graphite cones  
with 8 lbs. motor assemblies  
30 x 40 x 330mm  
Frequency Response  
Peak Output  
20Hz - 100Hz ± 3dB (typical, in room)  
Weight (lbs)  
18lbs. (8.2kg)  
Single 102dB, Dual 105dB (3000 cu. ft. space)  
Dimensions (H x W x D) Woofer Module: 1916 x 10 ⁄  
” x 3”  
Norwood, MA 02062 781.762.6300  
2007 Atlantic Technology 343 Vanderbilt Ave.  
Atlantic Technology is a registered trademark of Atlantic  
Technology International. THX and THX Ultra are trademarks of  
THX Inc. Specifications subject to change without notice.  

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