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Operating Manual - NE Multi Channel Power Amplifiers  
ON/OFF/Remote Standby  
The NE multichannel amplifiers have three possible states, OFF, ON, and STANDBY, each with a status LED on  
the front panel. Control for these three states is managed by the following:  
) Power Switch - When the powneer switch is turned off the amplifier is completely off, UNLESS the power switch  
has been disabled from within Protea software, in which case the power switch on the amplifier has no effect at all. If  
the power switch has been disabled from software, the front panel DISABLE LED will be lit. Even if the AC power is  
removed, the amplifier’s internal memory will maintain the <power switch disabled> status until changed again from  
Protea software. Performing a factory reset will clear and restore all internal amplifier memory to factory settings.  
) Remote Standby Contact Closure - When these two euroblock pins on the back of the amplifier are wired to  
a switch and connected, the amp will go into Standby mode, whereby the amp is active but not fully powered up. For  
Remote Standby to work, the power switch must be turned on OR be disabled through Protea software.  
) Proteane Software On/Standby - On/Standby in the Proteane PE multichannel amp software functions the  
same as the hardware based Remote Standby Contact Closure on the back panel. Clicking on STANDBY places the amp  
in standby mode. The On/Standby in software does not override the hardware Remote Standby, they both remian active.  
) Protea Software Power Switch Enable/Disable - Use this software feature to disallow use of the front panel  
power switch. If the power switch has been disabled from software, the front panel DISABLE LED will light. The  
power switch will remain inactive until enabled again from software, even if the amp is removed from power.  
Preset Recall  
The four contact closure connections on the back panel euroblock allow for four dnifeferent amplifier stored presets  
to be loaded at the instant a remote switch is closed. Presets are configured from Protea software and can include gain  
settings, mute status, polarity, as well as the full set of DSP functions if the amp has the DSP option installed.  
The NE amplifier will store up to 35 nnaemed internal presets, each preset storing control data for all channels and  
audio functions. While working in Protea software, changes to an individual preset can be saved to the amplifier  
using <Preset Options/Save Preset To Protea>, or saved to the PC using <Preset Options/Save To Disk>. Sub Presets  
collections of DSP parameters individually selected from software) are saved in a similar fashion. Individual preset  
files use the extension (*.pmc).  
The only way to load presets to an amplifier is by using Proteane software to recall files saved on either the PC or  
the amplifier itself, through the use of contact closures, or with a WR-5 wall-mounted remote control. Contact closures  
can load presets 1-4 from the amplifier memory using switches wired to the rear panel contact closure euroblock connec-  
Caution: A new preset may have dramatically different settings capable of damaging sound system components,  
so be careful not to recall the wrong preset while the system is on.  
Data Control  
The Data Control euroblock connector on the back of the amplifier is used for the Ashly WR-5 programmable zone  
controller and Ashly RD-8C remote level controller. The Data Control interface provides data and phantom power for  
these devices in remote installations, using four conductor wire.  

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