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Controls and Installation, cont’d  
Setting the internal jumpers  
Installing the P/2 DA2 D  
The jumpers (J2 and J6) inside the distribution amplifier are set  
The P/2 DA2 D is a wall-mounted product and can be mounted  
into an electrical wall box. These instructions include site  
preparation, wall box installation, and the mounting of the  
distribution amplifier in the wall box.  
at the factory for output to a local monitor. However, you can  
direct output to a data display by resetting the jumpers. Follow  
these steps and the illustration below to change the jumper  
settings. In some instances where DDC communication is  
required between the display device and the computer’s  
graphics card, pins 15 (J2) and 12 (J6) will carry that information.  
The P/2 DA2 D must be installed into an Underwriters  
Laboratories (UL) approved electrical wall box. The box  
is not included with the distribution amplifier; the  
installer is responsible for obtaining/installing the box.  
Changes to internal jumper settings must be  
performed only by authorized service personnel.  
Preparing the site and installing the wall box  
Disconnect the power cable, then disconnect the output  
and audio cables from the rear panel of the distribution  
amplifier. Next, remove the rear cover by removing the  
two front panel screws. See “P/2 DA2 F wall mount  
installation” in this chapter for screw locations.  
Choose a location that allows cable runs without interference.  
Allow enough depth for both the wall box and the cables. You  
may need to install the cables into the wall or conduits before  
installing the distribution amplifier.  
The distribution amplifier can be installed in a standard one-  
gang electrical wall box. The installation must conform to  
national and local electrical codes. A dimensional drawing and a  
cutout template of the distribution amplifier are provided in  
appendix A of this manual.  
Using a pair of tweezers or needle-nosed pliers, set  
jumpers J2 and J6, as shown below in figure 2-10.  
Be sure you are electrically grounded before  
touching any circuit board components.  
Connect pins 1 and 2 on both jumpers (factory default)  
to output to the 15-pin female local monitor connector  
on the front panel.  
The cutout template of the P/2 DA2 D shown in  
appendix A is not full size. Pay attention to the  
measurements shown in the template.  
Mark the guidelines for the opening on the wall.  
Connect pins 2 and 3 on both jumpers to output to the  
rear 15-pin female output.  
If the distribution amplifier will be installed in a wall  
box, place the box against the installation surface and  
draw a line on it around the outside of the box.  
If the distribution amplifier will be installed without a  
wall box (fastening it directly to the wall), measure and  
mark the surface for the cutout area indicated in the  
cutout template.  
Cut out the material from the marked area.  
-2 = Local Monitor (default)  
-3= DataDisplay  
Check the opening size by inserting the wall box (if used)  
or the distribution amplifier (if no box is used) into the  
opening. Enlarge or smooth the edges of the opening if  
3 2 1  
1-2 = Local Monitor (default)  
2-3= DataDisplay  
ID Pin Pass Through Jumpers  
P/2 DA2 WM F Rear View  
Feed the cables through the wall box punch-out holes, and  
secure them with cable clamps to provide strain relief.  
cover removed)  
Insert the wall box into the opening, and attach it to the  
wall or stud using nails or screws. The front edge should  
be flush with the outer wall surface. See the following  
Replace the rear cover and reconnect the output cable.  
Reconnect the power and/or audio cables.  
P/2 DA2 WM/EC/D/AAP Series • Controls and Installation  
P/2 DA2 WM/EC/D/AAP Series • Controls and Installation  

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