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Revolutionary Krell CAST  
and CAST II Technology  
Current Audio Signal Transmission, termed  
CAST, is a revolutionary method of connecting  
analog audio components for unparalleled  
sonic performance. CAST circuitry, and the  
CAST circuitry update, Krell CAST II, combine  
innovative engineering with existing Krell Cur-  
rent Mode technology to create entire CAST  
systems that reproduce music with incredible  
range, tonality, and precision.  
CAST, anomalies of signal transmission between  
components are eliminated. Cable impedances  
and their effects on the transmitted signal are  
How CAST and Krell Current Mode Interact  
While CAST is a new method of transferring the  
musical signal between components, its origin  
stems from Krell Current Mode, the technology  
developed to transfer the musical signal within  
a component. CAST combined with Krell Cur-  
rent Mode takes circuitry signal transmission to  
the next evolutionary level. In essence, Krell  
Current Mode maintains the integrity of the sig-  
nal within the component and CAST preserves  
the transmitted signal between components.  
Together, CAST and Krell Current Mode tech-  
nologies unify separate Krell components into a  
single global circuit.  
Voltage Signal Transmission  
and the Traditional Audio System  
Traditionally, signal is transmitted in the voltage  
domain between two components. In an audio  
system, each component is a discrete entity with  
unique characteristics that act upon the musical  
signal independently. Each component is  
unaware of the other components in the system.  
The cables that connect the components each  
have their own electrical characteristics, which  
affect the sonic presentation of the entire sys-  
CAST Cable Construction  
A CAST system uses cables manufactured by  
Krell and other manufacturers specially  
licensed by Krell. Thin and flexible CAST  
cables are constructed with the same build  
quality as other Krell products and are aesthet-  
ically matched to the components that Krell  
manufactures. An all-metal body and locking  
connectors with gold contacts are part of the  
standard no-compromise specification devel-  
oped for every CAST cable made.  
CAST: A New Approach  
CAST circuitry recognizes signal transmitted in  
the current domain instead of the voltage  
domain between each component. CAST  
transmission unifies the individual components  
and their interconnects into an electrically  
linked whole. The sonic presentation of the  
entire system remains intact.  
CAST Basics  
The Best Musical Performance  
Here’s how a CAST audio system works. Inter-  
nally, each CAST source transfers, or amplifies,  
current using Krell Current Mode circuitry. This  
current signal is then output using CAST cir-  
cuitry. When the signal is received by a CAST  
input, Krell Current Mode circuitry again takes  
over until the signal reaches the loudspeaker.  
By maintaining the musical signal in the current  
domain from beginning to end, an entire CAST  
system behaves as if it is one component. With  
When you operate a CAST system, you will  
hear significant improvements in every perfor-  
mance area: speed, precision, dynamic range,  
depth and width of the sound stage, transient  
impact, tonal balance, harmonic distortion, and  
more. The goal for CAST is the same company  
goal used for all Krell products. Krell strives for  
the delivery of the best performance of a musi-  
cal event for you, using the full expression of  
technology to date.  
Krell Full Power Balanced X Series Power Amplifiers  

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