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179335 USA_GBR D 1.9.2003 08:24 Page 1  
How to Put Your Heart Rate Monitor On  
How to Put Your Heart Rate Monitor On  
Functions and Modes of Polar A5  
How to Start and Stop  
The Polar A5™  
wrist receiver  
displays your heart rate  
during exercise.  
Functions During Exercise  
After Exercising  
1. Attach the transmitter to the elastic strap.  
2. Adjust the strap length to fit snugly and  
comfortably. Secure the strap around your  
chest, just below the chest muscles, and  
buckle it.  
How to Recall File Stored in Memory  
The transmitter  
detects your heart rate  
continuously and transmits  
it to the wrist receiver.  
Heart Rate Monitor  
Target Heart Rate Zone  
Self Walk Test by Polar and UKK Institute  
10. Resetting  
Minimizing Possible Risks in Exercising  
The elastic strap  
holds the transmitter in  
the correct position.  
User Manual  
1. with Heart Rate Monitor  
2. Technical Specifications  
3. Limited Polar International Guarantee  
4. Disclaimer  
Keep the wrist receiver within 3 feet/ 1 meter of your  
transmitter. Check that you are not near other  
people with heart rate monitors or any source of  
electromagnetic disturbance.  
3. Lift the transmitter off your chest and  
moisten the two grooved electrode areas  
on the back.  
4. Check that the wet electrode areas are firmly  
against your skin and the Polar logo is in  
a central, upright position.  
Functions and Modes of Polar A5  
3. How to Start and Stop  
How to operate the set buttons  
Time of day display  
Press Up FILE  
Press Up  
How to Set up Your New Polar A5 Receiver  
How to Start  
1. In the Time of day display press OK.  
To move forward or back, use Up or  
Down button.  
To choose the value to begin adjusting,  
press OK. It will begin blinking.  
Press Up or Down button to adjust the  
value (The digits run faster if you press  
and hold the button).  
1. Press any of the four buttons twice to activate  
the receiver. Unit is displayed. LBS/INCH is  
Moves to the  
mode or  
Press OK  
Your heart rate appears  
in a few seconds.  
Press Up  
Heart rate measuring  
2. Once awakened, the receiver will guide you  
through the necessary settings.  
2. Press OK again. The stopwatch  
starts running and you can  
start exercising. The exercise  
data will only be stored if you have  
turned the stopwatch on.  
If reset,  
increases the  
selected value.  
settings will  
return to the  
default values.  
Press OK  
Scroll up or down to set the right values.  
Press OK to lock your selection.  
Wherever you are in the settings, you can  
return to the Time of day display by pressing  
and holding OK.  
Exercise recording  
Set the following:  
Measuring units – lbs/inch or kg/cm  
12h or 24h time mode  
Time of day  
Time of day display mode  
File mode  
Starting point for all functions  
Shows date and time  
Shows the data recorded during the exercise  
How to Stop  
Returns to the  
previous mode  
or decreases  
the selected  
1. Press OK to stop the stopwatch.  
Setting mode  
Press and hold OK to return to the Time of day  
display, wherever you are in the Settings or File  
recalling cycle.  
QUIT and paused stopwatch  
Alarm on or off.  
Backlight on.  
appear. Measurement is paused. Pornecses  
Set different values  
- unit measurement; weight, height, time  
- user data  
Exercise is no longer recorded.  
After setting your birthday, your target heart  
rate zone based on your age is automatically  
When the alarm is turned on, the symbol  
- target heart rate limits  
2. Press Up or Down button to  
exit the Exercise mode.  
appears on the Time of day display. When the alarm  
comes on it will sound for one minute or you can  
turn it off by pressing any of the four buttons.  
watch functions; alarm, time, date  
Starts measuring  
heart rate. Starts and  
stops the stopwatch.  
Enters the displayed  
mode. Locks in your  
After the settings are complete, the receiver  
automatically goes to the Time of day display.  
Heart Touch function  
Walk Test mode  
The receiver shows the Time of  
day display within 5 minutes if  
you forget to quit the heart rate  
measurement mode when you  
stopped the stopwatch and  
removed the transmitter from  
your chest.  
Bring the wrist receiver  
up to the Polar logo  
on the transmitter  
during exercise and  
you can check the time  
of day.  
Exercise recording mode  
Based on 1.24 miles/2 km brisk walk  
Measures cardiorespiratory fitness  
You can cancel the setting by pressing and  
holding OK, but you can not start measuring  
the heart rate before you have completed  
the settings.  
In the Exercise mode you measure your heart  
rate and record your exercise information in  
a file  
You can view different information while the  
heart rate monitor is measuring heart rate  
Functions During Exercise  
5. After Exercising  
6. How to Recall File Stored in Memory  
Press Signal/Light to turn the light on.  
5. Scroll down to select what you want to view  
in the lower row of the display.  
Time of day  
Press Up  
Carefully wash the transmitter with a mild soap  
and water solution.  
Press and hold Signal/Light to turn the zone  
alarm sound on or off.  
Press OK  
Heart rate in beats  
per minute.  
2. Rinse it with pure water.  
Dry the transmitter carefully with a soft towel.  
Check the time of day by bringing the wrist  
receiver up to the Polar logo on the transmitter.  
4. Keep the wrist receiver clean and wipe off  
Press Up IN ZONE  
Press Up KCAL  
Press Up BMI  
any moisture.  
Scroll up to select what values you want to  
view in the upper row of the display during  
2. Heart rate as a % of your  
maximum heart rate.  
1. While in the Time of  
5. Store the heart rate monitor in a clean and dry  
place. Dirt impairs the elasticity and functioning  
of the transmitter. Sweat and moisture can keep  
the electrodes wet and the transmitter activated,  
which shortens battery life.  
day display mode press  
Up or Down until FILE is displayed.  
2. Press OK.  
Heart rate in the target zone  
is displayed  
3. Scroll up or down to recall the exercise  
EXE. TIME Total exercise time  
AVERAGE HR Average heart rate of the exercise  
IN ZONE Time spent in target zone  
KCAL Calories expended during the exercise  
BMI Body mass index  
W INDEX WalkIndex, the result of the walking test  
Press Up W INDEX  
Exercise time  
a) as absolute heart rate  
b) as a % of maximum heart rate  
The combined impact of moisture and intense  
abrasion may cause a black color, which might  
stain light-colored clothes especially, to come  
off the transmitter's surface.  
according to your  
lower row selection.  
Normal weight  
4. Time of day  
< 18.5  
18.5 - 24.9  
Fitness bullets  
25.0 - 29.9  
For every 10 minutes in TZ,  
The most convenient way to determine whether a  
person is overweight is to use the Body Mass Index,  
BMI. The body mass index does not describe the  
amount of fat tissue but merely serves as a means for  
comparing adult persons in terms of overweight or  
You can pause the stopwatch by pressing OK.  
Repressing OK will restart the stopwatch.  
Reference: World Health Organization. Obesity: preventing and managing the  
global epidemic. Report of a WHO Consultation on Obesity. Geneva: World  
Health Organization, 1998.  
Calorie expenditure  
After restart you will see heart rate in the lower  
The calorie calculation starts  
when your heart rate reaches  
The BMI value does not distinguish between muscular  
and fat tissue. Thus, a weight-lifter may have a BMI  
value which indicates obesity although the person only  
has large muscles and little fat tissue.  
100 bpm.  

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