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Install pipe tee between circulator and boiler return  
along with second tee in supply piping as shown in  
Figure 4. Bypass should be same size as the supply and  
return lines with valves located in bypass and supply  
outlet as illustrated in Figure 4 in order to regulate  
water ow to maintain higher boiler water temperatures.  
It is required to perform a long term pressure test of the  
hydronic system, the boiler should rst be isolated to  
avoid a pressure loss due to the escape of air trapped in  
the boiler.  
To perform a long term pressure test including the  
boiler, ALL trapped air must rst be removed from the  
After the boiler is operational (reference Section VII.  
System Start-Up) set by-pass and boiler supply valves  
to half throttle position to start. Operate boiler until  
system water temperature reaches normal operating  
A loss of pressure during such a test, with no visible  
water leakage, is an indication that the boiler contained  
trapped air.  
Adjust valves to provide 180° to 200°F supply water  
temperature. Opening the boiler supply valve will raise  
system temperature, while opening the by-pass valve  
will lower system supply temperature.  
G. A hot water boiler installed above radiation level  
must be provided with a low water cut-off device as  
part of installation.  
If a low water cut-off is required, it must be mounted in  
the system piping above the boiler.  
The minimum safe water level of a hot water boiler is  
just above the highest water containing cavity of the  
boiler; that is, a hot water boiler must be full of water to  
operate safely.  
H. Oil, grease, and other foreign materials which  
accumulate in new hot water boilers and a new or  
reworked system should be boiled out, and then  
thoroughly ushed. A qualied water treatment  
chemical specialist should be consulted for  
recommendations regarding appropriate chemical  
compounds and concentrations which are compatible  
with local environmental regulations.  
Figure 5a: Internal Water Piping System Diagram  
Figure 5: Recommended Piping for Combination  
Heating & Cooling (Refrigeration)  
I. After the boiler and system have been cleaned and  
ushed, and before relling the entire system add  
appropriate water treatment chemicals, if necessary, to  
bring the pH between 7 and 11.  
Figure 6: Recommended Bypass Piping  

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