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Washing Hints  
Do NOT overload the machine. Weigh the laundry the  
Very small items (handkerchiefs, ribbons, socks etc)  
should be washed in a washing bag or a pillow case.  
first few times you use the appliance.  
Use a good quality detergent suitable for automatic  
washing machines.  
The average weights of the most common items are  
listed below as a guide:  
Use the correct quantities of detergent.  
000g = 1 kg  
For wool, use gentle detergent only in small  
700-1000 g  
100-200 g  
400-500 g  
50-100 g  
Bleach is very corrosive; it should be used with care  
and kept out of reach of children.  
Pillow case  
Some stains such as fruit, wine, grass, rust etc. are  
difficult to remove and should be treated before  
washing with specific products, which can be found  
in most household shops. In some cases it may help  
to soak the stain before washing with a special pre-  
soak product or biological detergent.  
Tea towel  
70-120 g  
Linen hand towel  
Towelling hand towel  
Towelling bath towel  
Bath robe  
100-150 g  
150-250 g  
700-1000 g  
1000-1500 g  
200-300 g  
150-200 g  
Only wool marked “Pure New Wool - washable,  
preshrunk” can be washed in the machine using the  
wool programme; other types of wool should be  
washed in HANDWASH programme.  
Man’s shirt  
If you have used the machine to wash, rinse or spin  
only non-colour fast garments, there may be dye left  
in the sump. To ensure any subsequent wash is not  
contaminated with the dye, select and carry out a  
rinse and spin programme, without any garments, to  
ensure that any dye is removed from the sump.  
Load the laundry loosely alternating large items with  
small ones.  
Sort the laundry according to the type of fabric,  
colour-fastness and how dirty it is.  
Once you have finished using the machine, you are  
advised to unplug it and turn off the water tap.  
Avoid washing unhemmed or torn items as they may  
Before washing, empty all pockets of small objects  
which may have been left inside (coins, keys, screws  
etc.) as these could damage the drain pump.  
When washing curtains, remove the hooks.  
Close poppers and zips and fasten loose buttons.  
It is essential to wash new coloured items separately  
when washing for the first time.  
When washing fabrics requiring different wash  
temperatures together, always select the lowest  
White items should not be washed with coloured  

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