User manual Samsung AVMKC020CA0(1)

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Solving Common Problems  
Before contacting the after-sales service, perform the following simple checks.  
They may save your time and expense of an unnecessary call.  
The air conditioner does notCheck that the breaker used for the air conditioner is switched on.  
operate at all  
Wired Remote Controller  
The air conditioner does not ◆  
operate with the remote  
is displayed on the wired remote controller. In this case,  
turn the air conditioner off and contact your dealer.  
Wired Remote Controller  
When turning on/off the  
air conditioner, it is not  
turned on/off immediately.  
In case of using the wired remote controller for a group, the air  
conditioners connected to the remote controller are turned on/off in  
order. Thus, it takes some time(up to 32 seconds).  
Wireless Remote Controller  
The air conditioner does notCheck that there are no obstacles between you and the remote  
operate with the remote  
control sensor.  
Check the wireless remote controller batteries.  
Check that you are close enough to the remote control sensor.  
(seven metres/yards or less).  
Wireless Remote Controller  
No beep is heard when youCheck that you are pointing the remote controller at the remote  
(ON/OFF) on the  
control sensor on the indoor unit.  
remote controller  
Replace the remote controller batteries if necessary.  
If there is a strong light around the air conditioner, a  
three-wavelength light, a neon sign, etc., for example,  
the air conditioner may not be operated with a remote controller.  
If this happens, use the remote controller close by the remote  
control sensor.  
The air conditioner doesCheck that the correct operating mode has been selected.  
not cool or heat  
The room temperature may be too low or too high.  
Dust may be blocking the air filter guard; refer to page 11  
for cleaning instructions.  
Check that there is no obstacle in front of the outdoor unit.  
When heating, the requiredCheck that the required temperature has been set correctly.  
room temperature is never  
reached and the air  
Increase the fan speed.  
conditioner frequently stops  

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