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80i / 480p / 720p / 1080i /  
Non-interlace Mode and Interlace  
Mode____ Non-interlace mode  
(progressive scan) displays a horizontal  
line from the top to the bottom of a  
screen progressively. Interlace mode  
displays the odd number lines first  
and the even number lines next. Non-  
interlace mode is mainly used in  
monitors as it produces screen clarity  
and interlace mode is mainly used in  
Vertical Frequency____ The product  
displays a single image many times  
per second (like a fluorescent light that  
flickers) to display an image for a viewer  
to see. The rate of a single image being  
displayed repeatedly per second is  
called vertical frequency or refresh rate.  
Vertical frequency is measured in Hz.  
Plug & Play____ Plug & Play is a  
function that allows the automatic  
exchange of information between a  
monitor and PC to produce an optimum  
display environment. The product uses  
VESA DDC (international standard) to  
execute Plug & Play.  
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia  
Interface)____ It is an interface that  
can be connected to a digital audio  
source as well as a high-definition video  
source by using a single cable without  
080p____ Each of the scanning  
rates above refers to the number of  
effective scanning lines that decides  
the screen resolution. The scanning  
rate may be indicated in i (interlaced)  
or p (progressive), depending on the  
scanning method.  
Multiple Display Control (MDC)____  
MDC (Multiple Display Control) is an  
application that allows multiple display  
devices to be controlled simultaneously  
using a PC. Communication between  
a PC and monitor takes place using  
RS232C (serial data transmission) and  
RJ45 (LAN) cables.  
E.g. 60Hz refers to a single image being  
displayed 60 times in one second.  
Resolution____ Resolution is the  
number of horizontal dots (pixels) and  
vertical dots (pixels) that form a screen.  
It represents the level of display detail.  
A higher resolution enables more  
data to be displayed on the screen  
and is useful to perform multiple tasks  
Scanning refers to a process of sending  
pixels that form an image progressively.  
A larger number of pixels will deliver a  
clearer and more vivid picture.  
Horizontal Frequency____ The time  
required to scan a single line from the  
left to the right side of the screen is  
called a horizontal cycle. The reciprocal  
number of a horizontal cycle is called  
horizontal frequency. Horizontal  
Dot Pitch____ The product and screen  
consist of red, green and blue dots.  
A shorter distance between the dots  
produces a higher resolution. Dot pitch  
refers to the distance between the  
shortest distance between dots of the  
same color. Dot pitch is measured in  
In progressive scan mode, all lines  
of pixels are scanned one by one  
progressively) on the screen.  
E.g. A resolution of 1920 X 1080 consists  
of 1,920 horizontal pixels (horizontal  
resolution) and 1,080 vertical pixels  
(vertical resolution).  
frequency is measured in kHz.  
In interlaced scan mode, every other  
line of pixels is scanned from top to  
bottom first and then the remaining  
lines of pixels (that were not scanned)  
are scanned.  
Source____ Input source refers to a  
video source device connected to the  
product such as a camcorder or video  
or DVD player.  

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