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Avoid unplugging the power plug while the  
product is operating.  
Make sure to use only the power cord sup-  
plied by our company. In addition, do not  
use the power cord of another electric appli-  
Otherwise, it may damage the product  
due to electric shock.  
Otherwise, it may result in electric shock  
or fire.  
When unplugging the power plug from the  
wall outlet, make sure to hold it by the plug  
and not by the cord.  
Connect the power plug to a wall outlet that  
can be easily reached.  
When a problem occurs with the  
product, you must unplug the power  
plug to cut the power off completely. You  
cannot cut the power off completely  
using only the power button on the  
Otherwise, it may result in electric shock  
or fire.  
Installation Related  
Avoid placing burning candles, mosquito-  
Ask an installation engineer or relevant  
repellent or cigarettes on the product and  
installing the product near a heater.  
company to install the product onto the wall.  
Otherwise, it may result in injury.  
Otherwise, it may result in fire.  
Make sure to use the specified wall  
Avoid installing the product in a badly-venti-  
lated location such as inside a bookshelf or  
Keep a distance of at least 10 cm from the  
wall when installing the product for ventila-  
Otherwise, it may result in fire due to  
internal over-heating.  
Otherwise, it may result in fire due to  
internal over-heating.  
Keep the plastic bags used to pack the  
product away from children.  
Avoid installing the product in a location that  
is unstable or exposed to excessive vibra-  
tions such as on an unstable or slanted  
If children place the plastic bags over  
their heads, they may suffocate.  
The product may fall and this may result  
in damage to the product or injury.  
If you use the product in a location  
exposed to excessive vibrations, it may  
result in a problem with the product or  
Major Safety Precautions  

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