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Connecting to a Power Source  
ƈCharging LED of the AC Adapter  
Instructions on how to use the memory card  
ƃRepeated use of the memory card will eventually reduce the memory card’s  
performance. Should this be the case, you will need to purchase a new memory  
card. Wear and tear on the memory card is not covered by the Samsung  
ƃThe memory card is an electronic precision device. Do not bend, drop or knock  
the memory card.  
ƃDo not store the memory card in an environment with strong electronic or  
magnetic fields, e.g. near loud speakers or TV receivers.  
ƃPlease do not use or store in an environment where there are extremes in  
ƃDo not allow the memory card to become dirty or to come into contact with any  
liquid. Should this happen, clean the memory card with a soft cloth.  
ƃPlease keep the memory card in its case when not in use.  
ƃDuring and after periods of extended use, you may notice that the memory card  
is warm. This is perfectly normal.  
ƃBefore using a memory card from another digital camera, it must be re-formatted  
in this camera before use.  
ƃIf the memory card is used incorrectly, or if the power is switched off or the card  
is removed while recording, the existing data may become corrupted.  
ƃSamsung cannot be held responsible for lost data.  
ƃA USB cable for transmitting data can’t be used for charging the rechargeable  
ƃA USB cable for recharging the battery is optional.  
When the USB cable for recharging the battery is inserted into the connection  
terminal of the camera, you can charge the battery and transmit data at the  
same time.  
When the USB cable for recharging the battery is inserted into the DC  
connection terminal of the cradle, you can charge the battery.  
When the USB cable for recharging the battery is inserted into the USB port of  
the cradle, you can transmit data.  
ƈCharging time (When the camera is turned off)  
Using the cradle : About 150MIN  
Using the AC Charger : About 150MIN  
ƃIf you insert the fully discharged battery to charge it, do not turn on the camera  
at the same time. The camera may not be turned on because of the low  
battery capacity. Charge the battery for over 10 minutes to use the camera.  
ƃDo not use the flash frequently or take a movie clip with the fully discharged  
battery charged for a short time. Even if the charger is inserted, the camera  
power may be turned off because the rechargeable battery is discharged again.  

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