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Common questions  
You can get answers to common questions. Solve problems easily by setting shooting options.  
The subject's eyes  
appear red.  
This is caused by a reflection from the camera flash.  
tꢀSet the flash option to  
Red-eye or  
Red-eye Fix. (p. 43)  
tꢀIf the photo has already been taken, select  
Red-eye Fix in the edit menu. (p. 78)  
Photos have dust spots. Dust particles floating in the air may be captured in photos when using the flash.  
tꢀTurn off the flash or avoid taking photos in a dusty place.  
tꢀSet ISO speed options. (p. 44)  
Photos are blurred.  
This may be caused by taking photos in low light conditions or holding the camera incorrectly.  
tꢀPress [Shutter] halfway down to make sure the subject is focused. (p. 26)  
tꢀUse the dmode. (p. 33)  
Photos are blurred when As the camera tries to let in more light, the shutter speed slows.  
shooting at night.  
This can make it difficult to steady the camera and may result in camera shake.  
tꢀSelect Night in the smode. (p. 32)  
tꢀTurn on the flash. (p. 43)  
tꢀSet ISO speed options. (p. 44)  
tꢀUse a tripod to prevent your camera from shaking.  
Subjects come out  
too dark because of  
When the light source is behind the subject or when there is a high contrast between the light and dark  
areas, the subject may come out shaded.  
tꢀAvoid shooting in front of the sun.  
Backlight in the smode. (p. 30)  
tꢀSet the flash option to Fill in. (p. 43)  
tꢀAdjust the exposure. (p. 53)  
tꢀSet the Auto Contrast Balance (ACB) option. (p. 54)  
tꢀSet the metering option to  
Spot if a bright subject is in the center of the frame. (p. 55)  

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