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Playing a MP3 CD  
Playing files stored in an SD/MMC card  
The following playback features are available for MP3 CDs.  
Please refer to the corresponding sections for more information.  
Volume control, skipping tracks, searching, repeat, shuffle, etc.  
After connecting an SD/MMC card to this player, you can play audio/video files  
stored in the card by selecting the desired file with 3 4 and OK.  
Use the 3, 4 keys to highlight your selected music folder.  
Press OK to play.  
Playing files stored in your iPod player  
After connecting your iPod player as described in the "Connections" section, you  
can play files stored in the iPod player with 2;, 1 / 2 (search  
backward/forward) and J( / § keys on the DVD player or keys on your  
iPod player directly.  
Playing a JPEG discs  
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your selected picture folder.  
Press OK. The player will then automatically enter the slide show mode.  
During playback, you can:  
To recharge your iPod player, you must connect the DVD player to AC  
mains or the car cigarette lighter outlet. If your iPod player is in the  
power-on status, make sure the currently selected source of the DVD  
player is “DOCK”.  
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 to rotate the picture.  
Use the 3 to filp up/down.  
Use the 4 to flip left/right.  
Please take out the tab marked “for 30G iPod” in the dock if you want to  
dock a 60G or 80G iPod player.  
Press DISC MENU to go back to folder screen.  
Press 9 to go to group preview.  
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 to highlight the preview picture and access the  
on-screen functions.  
It is impossible to recharge your iPod with the built-in battery of the DVD  
Make sure to recharge your iPod player below 35oC.  
After switching on your iPod player, set “TV OUT” to “ON” and select the  
Press ZOOM repeatedly to display the picture with different scales.  
Use the 3, 4, 1, 2 to view the zoomed picture.  
NTSC” mode. To play photos in your iPod player, you need to press 2;  
on your iPod player. Otherwise, there will be no picture on the TFT screen  
when you play video files in your iPod player. (See your iPod user’s  
manual for detailed operation.)  
Note: Unless stated otherwise, all operations described are based on remote  
control operation.  
For photos stored in your iPod player, only the 2; key is available.  
Checking the contents of DVD-Video discs: DISC MENU.  
Playing a title  
For titles and chapters, selection menus may be included on the disc.  
The DVD’s menu feature allows you to make selections from these menus. Press  
the appropriate numerical key; or use the 3, 4, 1, 2 keys to highlight your  
selection, and press OK.  
Press DISC MENU to enter the disc title  
select a play option.  
Use 1 2 3 4 or numeric keys (0-9) to  
Disc menu  
Press OK to confirm.  
Press DISC MENU. The menu may list, for example, camera  
angles, spoken language and subtitle options, and chapters for  
the title.  
Changing the language  
Press AUDIO. If the current disc has different langauge  
options, this now appears on the screen.  
Press AUDIO repeatedly until you have reached  
your desired language option.  
Press SUBTITLE. If the current disc has different subtitles  
options, this now appears on the screen.  
Press SUBTITLE repeatedly until you have reached  
your desired subtitles option.  
The above two features depend on whether your disc contains any language  
or subtitle options.  

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