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This unit not only plays back DVD and CD but also offers features for you to record on DVD and edit them after that.  
The following features are offered with this unit.  
This unit is compatible with DVD+RW/DVD-RW, which is  
rewritable repeatedly and DVD+R/DVD-R, which is available  
for recording once. You can choose either one for your con-  
Available for playing back discs on a regular DVD player:  
Recorded discs can be played back on regular DVD players,  
including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-video  
venience. Even if you choose DVD-RW/DVD-R, these discs will playback. Although DVD+R are playable on other units  
automatically be recorded in the DVD+VR mode.  
Up to 8 program recording:  
You can program the unit to record up to 8 programs, with in DVD-R, you need to finalize the recorded discs to play on  
without finalization in most cases, it is recommended to  
finalize in order to stabilize the performance. For DVD-RW/  
a month in advance. Daily or weekly program recordings are  
also available.  
One-touch timer recording (OTR):  
You can easily set a recording time as you prefer. Every  
time [RECORD] or [REC I] is pressed during recording, the  
recording time will be increased by 30 minutes up to 6 hours.  
The recording automatically stops when the recording time  
you set is reached.  
other DVD players.  
Progressive scan system  
Unlike conventional interlace scanning, the progressive scan  
system provides less flickering and images in higher  
resolution than that of traditional television signals.  
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)  
You can enjoy clearer audio/video output when connecting  
DV dubbing:  
This function helps you to easily dub the contents of the DVC this unit to a display device with an HDMI-compatible port.  
digital video camcorder) to DVD.  
Automatic chapter mark setting:  
Chapter marks will be put on recordings as you set before  
attempting to record.  
Automatic title list making:  
The unit makes a title list with the index automatically.  
Symbols Used in this User Manual  
To specify for what disc type each function is, we put the  
following symbols at the beginning of each item to operate.  
DVD-RW/-R recorded in VR mode or non compatible  
recording format are not playable.  
DVD-RW recorded in the mode other than +VR is not  
recordable on this unit unless you erase all contents in the  
disc (see page 84).  
DVD-R recorded in the mode other than +VR is not  
recordable on this unit.  
Left channel stereo recording:  
This unit can record the sound of the left channel monaural  
input as left and right channels automatically (the input from  
the E2 only).  
Theater surround sound in your home:  
When connecting the unit to an amplifier or a decoder which  
is compatible with Dolby Digital, you can experience the theat-  
er surround sound from discs with surround sound system.  
Symbol Description  
For Recording, Playing, and Editing  
Quick search for what you want to watch:  
You can easily find the part you want to watch using the  
search function. Search for a desired point on a disc by title,  
chapter or time.  
Virtual surround system:  
You can enjoy stereophonic space through your existing 2  
channel stereo system.  
Description refers to DVD+RW  
Description refers to DVD+R  
Description refers to DVD-RW  
Description refers to DVD-R  
For Playback only  
Playing back on MP3/Windows Media™ Audio/JPEG/  
DivX® files:  
You can enjoy MP3/Windows Media™ Audio/JPEG/DivX® files  
which are recorded on CD-RW/-R.  
Description refers to DVD+R DL  
DivX® files can also be recorded on DVD+RW/+R or DVD-RW/-R.  
Description refers to DVD-video  
Deleting titles:  
You can delete titles which you do not need anymore.  
Putting names on titles:  
You can put your favorite names on titles.  
Setting / clearing chapter marks:  
You can set / clear chapter marks on titles.  
Description refers to audio CD  
Description refers to video CD with PBC function  
Description refers to video CD without PBC  
Description refers to CD-RW/-R with MP3 ꢀles  
Hiding chapters:  
Description refers to CD-RW/-R with Windows  
Media™ Audio ꢀles  
To keep others from playing back some chapters without  
permission, you can hide chapters.  
Setting pictures for thumbnails:  
You can change pictures for thumbnails.  
Description refers to CD-RW/-R with JPEG ꢀles  
Description refers to DVD+RW/+R and CD-RW/-R  
with DivX® ꢀles  
Dividing titles (DVD+RW/DVD-RW only):  
You can divide a title into 2 or more.  
Putting name on disc:  
You can put your favorite disc name.  
If you do not ꢀnd any of the symbols listed above under the  
function heading, the operation is applicable to all media.  
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