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Sharpness: Adjusts the edge definition of the picture.  
Colour: Adjusts colour saturation of the picture.  
Tint(G/R): Adjusts the colour tint of the picture.  
Select a picture mode to be adjusted first. The adjusted values are saved for each picture mode.  
When you make changes to “Backlight”, “Contrast”, “Brightness”, “Sharpness”, “Colour” or “Tint(G/R)”, the OSD will be  
adjusted accordingly.  
In Analog TV, Ext., AV, S-Video modes of the PAL system, you cannot use the “Tint” Function.  
In PC mode, you can only make changes to “Backlight”, “Contrast” and “Brightness”.  
Settings can be adjusted and stored for each external device you have connected to an input of the TV.  
The energy consumed during use can be significantly reduced if the level of brightness of the picture is reduced, and then this  
will reduce the overall running cost.  
Detailed Settings  
Samsung’s new TVs allow you to make even more precise picture settings than previous models. See below to adjust detailed  
picture settings.  
Detailed Settings” is available in “Standard” or “Movie” mode.  
In PC mode, you can only make changes to “Dynamic Contrast”, “Gamma” and “White Balance” from among the “Detailed  
Settings” items.  
Black adjust → Off / Low / Medium / High  
You can select the black level on the screen to adjust the screen depth.  
Dynamic Contrast → Off / Low / Medium / High  
You can adjust the screen contrast so that the optimal contrast is provided.  
You can adjust the Primary Colour (Red, Green, Blue) Intensity.  
Colour Space  
Colour Space is a colour matrix composed of red, green and blue colours. Select your favourite Colour Space to experience  
the most natural colour.  
Auto: Auto Colour Space automatically adjusts to the most natural colour tone based on programme sources.  
Native: Native Colour Space offers deep and rich colour tone.  
Custom: Adjusts the colour range to suit your preference.  
Customizing the Colour Space  
Colour → Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Cyan / Magenta  
Adjusts the Colour range to suit your preference. “Colour” is available when “Colour Space” is set to “Custom”.  
Red / Green / Blue: In “Colour”, you can adjust the RGB values for the selected colour.  
Reset: Resets the colour space to the default values.  
White Balance  
You can adjust the colour temperature for more natural picture colours.  
R-Offset / G-Offset / B-Offset / R-Gain / G-Gain / B-Gain: Changing the adjustment value will refresh the adjusted screen.  
Reset: The previously adjusted white balance will be reset to the factory defaults.  
Flesh Tone  
You can emphasize the pink ‘flesh tone’ in the picture.  
Changing the adjustment value will refresh the adjusted screen.  
Edge Enhancement → Off / On  
You can emphasize object boundaries in the picture.  
xvYCC → Off / On  
Setting the xvYCC mode to on increases detail and colour space when watching movies from an external device (i.e. DVD  
xvYCC” is available when the picture mode is set to “Movie”, and the external input is set to “HDMI” or “Component”  
If “xvYCC” function is active, PIP cannot be selected.  
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