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Any Local Information And / Or AdvertisingTo Guest:  
This TV has the capability to add a custom Hotel Logo  
icon to the Home guest menu screen (replaces the  
“PHILIPS” in the lower right corner). Then this icon  
can be assigned to a channel where the property runs  
informational or advertising programming. So when the  
guest clicks on this icon, the TV will switch to the assigned  
program. Similarly to the Welcome Logo, the Hotel Logo  
must be in the png format, and have the name HotelLogo.  
png and it must be on the USB drive in a folder named  
BUH_Logos. The size of the picture must be Width  
SetYour Minimum (0), Maximum (100),And Switch On  
Default switch on volume = 12  
266 pixels and Height = 136 pixels. (Again, use of  
transparent background can create interesting images!) A  
smaller image can be used, but it should be centered in a  
canvas of the size specified.  
Any Welcome Message For Guest:“Yes”,“No”.  
Any Welcome Picture For Guest:“Yes”,“No”.  
Any AV SourceTo Block:“Yes”,“No”.  
Welcome Picture enables a customizable picture to  
be shown atTV startup to welcome the guest, before  
theTV switches to the channel or input source that is  
dened in Switch On Program.  
The welcome picture must be in the png format, and  
have the name WelcomeLogo.png and it must be on  
the USB drive in a folder named BUH_Logos. The size  
of the picture must be Width 940 pixels and Height ≤  
SelectYour Multi RC Settings:“Off”,“Blue”,“Yellow”,  
40 pixels. (Use of transparent background can create  
Multi RC enables control of multipleTVs in a room  
without any interference from each other’s remote  
interesting images!)  
To enable MultiRC, eachTV and its associated remote  
control is set to one of the four colors – blue,  
yellow, green, red. EachTV in the room is separately  
programmed to a remote control of one of those  
Set theTV to a particular RC:  
Use the set-up remote control and go to the PPV/  
VOD options.  
Press ▼►to go to the Multi RC option.  

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