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types may increase the risk of fire or explosion.  
Do not carry a battery pack in your pocket, purse, or other container where metal objects  
(such as car keys or paper clips) could short-circuit the battery terminals. The resulting  
excessive current flow can cause extremely high temperatures and may result in  
damage to the battery pack or cause fire or burns.  
The battery poses a burn hazard if you handle it improperly. Do not disassemble it.  
Handle a damaged or leaking battery pack with extreme care. If the battery is damaged,  
electrolyte may leak from the cells and may cause personal injury.  
Keep the battery away from children.  
Do not store or leave your computer or battery pack near a heat source such as a  
radiator, fireplace, stove, electric heater, or other heat-generating appliance. When  
heated to excessive temperatures, battery cells could explode or vent, posing a risk of  
Do not dispose of your computer's battery in a fire or with normal household waste.  
Battery cells may explode. Discard a used battery according to the manufacturer's  
instructions or contact your local waste disposal agency for disposal instructions.  
Dispose of a spent or damaged battery promptly.  
Air Travel (Safety Instructions, continued)  
Certain Federal Aviation Administration regulations and/or airline-specific restrictions may  
apply to the operation of your Dell™ computer while you are onboard an aircraft. For example,  
such regulations/restrictions may prohibit the use of any personal electronic device (PED) that  
has the capacity for intentional transmission of radio frequency or other electromagnetic signals  
while on an aircraft.  
In order to best comply with all such restrictions, if your Dell portable computer is  
equipped with Dell TrueMobile™ or some other wireless communication device,  
please disable this device before you board the aircraft and follow all instructions  
provided by airline personnel with regard to such device.  
Additionally, the use of any PED, such as a portable computer, may be prohibited in  
aircraft during certain critical phases of flight, for example, takeoff and landing.  
Some airlines may further define the critical flight phase as any time the aircraft is  
below 3050 m (10,000 ft). Please follow the airline's specific instructions as to when  
the use of a PED is allowed.  

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