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Lithium Battery  
Lithium Battery!  
Pile au lithium!  
This computer contains a lithium battery to enable the date, time, Le micro-ordinateur renferme une pile au lithium qui permet de  
and other data to be stored. The battery should only be exchanged sauvegarder certaines données comme la date et l’heure  
by authorized service personnel.  
Warning!A risk of explosion from incorrect installation or mis- qualifié.  
notamment. Elle ne devra être remplacée que par un technicien  
application may possibly occur.  
Avertissement! Risque d’explosion en cas de non respect de cette  
mise en garde!  
Precautions ( Battery Pack )  
Care should be exercised with regard to the following in  
order to avoid the possibility of overheating, fire or dam-  
If the battery pack will not be used for a long period of time  
(a month or more), charge or discharge (use) the battery pack  
until the remaining battery level becomes 30% to 40% and  
store it in a cool, dry place.  
This computer prevents overcharging of the battery by re-  
charging only when the remaining power is less than approx.  
Avoid Heat  
Do not throw the battery pack into a fire or  
expose it to excessive heat.  
5% of capacity.  
Keep Articles Away  
The battery pack is not charged when the computer is first  
purchased. Be sure to charge it before using it for the first  
time. When the AC adaptor is connected to the computer,  
charging begins automatically.  
Do not place the battery pack together with ar-  
ticles such as necklaces or hairpins when carry-  
ing or storing.  
Should the battery leak and the fluid get into your eyes, do not  
rub your eyes. Immediately flush your eyes with clear water  
and see a doctor for medical treatment as soon as possible.  
Do Not Disassemble  
Do not insert sharp objects into the battery pack,  
expose it to bumps or shocks, deform, disas-  
semble, or modify it.  
Do Not Short  
Do not short the positive (+) and negative (-)  
The battery pack may become warm during recharging  
or normal use. This is completely normal.  
Recharging will not commence if internal temperature of  
the battery pack is outside of the allowable temperature  
Avoid Extreme Heat, Cold and Direct Sun-  
range (0 °C to 50 °C {32°F to 122 °F})  
Do not charge, use or leave the battery pack for  
extended periods where it will be exposed to  
direct sunlight, in a hot place (in an automobile  
on a sunny day, for example), or in a cold place.  
tery Power”. Once the allowable range requirement is  
satisfied, charging begins automatically. Note that the  
recharging time varies based on the usage conditions. (Re-  
charging takes longer than usual when the temperature is  
0 °C {50 °F} or less.)  
Do Not Use With Any Other Computer  
The battery pack is rechargeable and was in-  
tended for the specified computer or charger.  
Do not use it with a computer other than the  
one for which it was designed.  
If the temperature is low, the operating time is shortened. Only  
use the computer within the allowable temperature range.  
This computer has a high temperature mode function that  
prevents the degradation of the battery in high tempera-  
ture environments. (  
“Battery Power”) A level  
Do Not Put into a Microwave  
Do not put the battery pack into a microwave  
oven or a pressurized chamber.  
corresponding to a 100% charge for high temperature is  
approximately equivalent to an 80% charge level for nor-  
mal temperature mode.  
The battery pack is a consumable item. If the amount of  
time the computer can be run off a particular battery pack  
becomes dramatically shorter and repeated rechargings  
do not restore its performance, the battery pack should be  
replaced with a new one.  
When transporting a spare battery inside a package,  
briefcase, etc., it is recommended that it be placed in a  
plastic bag so that its contacts are protected.  
Stop Using  
Should the battery emit an abnormal odor, be-  
come hot to the touch, become discolored,  
change shape, or become in any way different  
from normal, remove it from the computer or  
charger and stop using it.  
Do not touch the terminals on the battery pack. The bat-  
tery pack may no longer function properly if the contacts  
are dirty or damaged.  
Do not expose the battery pack to water, or allow it to  
become wet.  
Always power off the computer when it is not in use.  
Leaving the computer on when the AC adaptor is not  
connected will exhaust the remaining battery capacity.  

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