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Replacing the Media Card Reader Board  
Follow the instructions in Before You Begin.  
Align the Media Card Reader board with the latch on the computer base and place the Media Card Reader board in position.  
Route the Media Card Reader board cable into its routing guide.  
Connect the Media Card Reader board cable to the connector on the system board.  
Replace the palm rest (see Replacing the Palm Rest).  
Replace the keyboard (see Replacing the Keyboard).  
Replace the optical drive (see Replacing the Optical Drive).  
Replace memory module(s) (see Replacing the Memory Module(s)).  
Replace the base cover (see Replacing the Base Cover).  
0. Replace the battery (see Replacing the Battery).  
CAUTION: Before turning on the computer, replace all screws and ensure that no stray screws remain inside the computer. Failure to do so may  
result in damage to the computer.  
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