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Blade ServerS  
Managing Dell  
PowereDge M1000ꢀ  
BlaDe ServerS  
with the avocent  
switch, an analog KVM switch integrated into the Dell  
PowerEdge M1000e modular blade enclosure, is designed  
KvM Switch  
By Stephen M. Hahn  
Chad Fenner  
The Avocent® iKVM (integrated keyboard, video, mouse)  
to simplify administrative tasks by letting IT staꢀ easily view,  
monitor, and manage server blades and by providing access  
to the remote management and power control functions of  
the PowerEdge M1000e Chassis Management Controller.  
n data center environments, simple, flexible server  
monitoring and management tools can be critical  
to maintaining efficient operations. The Avocent  
Avocent iKVM switch firmware through the CMC firm-  
ware update utility.  
iKVM (integrated keyboard, video, mouse) switch, an  
analog KVM switch integrated into the Dell PowerEdge  
M1000e modular blade enclosure,1 is designed to let  
administrators easily view, monitor, and manage each  
of the 16 server blades in the PowerEdge M1000e and  
provide access to the Dell Chassis Management  
Controller (CMC) for management and power control.  
Key features of the Avocent iKVM switch include local  
access to each server blade, one-to-one administra-  
tion for up to 16 administrators accessing each of the  
USing the avocent ꢀKvM Switch  
The Avocent iKVM switch provides traditional KVM  
switching between server blades in the Dell PowerEdge  
M1000e enclosure as well as a scanning feature, which  
allows administrators to scan through preselected  
blades while pausing for a specific time at each blade.  
They can also select a specific blade through the  
OSCAR main dialog box, as shown in Figure 1. In addi-  
tion to the blade names (which administrators can set  
themselves or pull from the CMC automatically during  
setup) and chassis slot numbers, the OSCAR interface  
provides status information for each blade: a green  
circle, for example, indicates that the blade is online  
and functioning properly, while a red Xmeans the blade  
is offline or not functioning properly. A yellow circle  
indicates that a blade is online but unavailable—for  
The letters in the right column provide additional infor-  
mation, such as whether a blade is being accessed by  
a user panel (a green letter) or blocked by a specific  
user channel (a black letter), and whether the blade is  
being accessed through the rear panel (the letter A)  
or the front panel (the letter B). When administrators  
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Blade servers  
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for the complete category index.  
Configuration and Reporting (OSCAR®) graphical user  
interface for configuration and to work with existing  
Avocent KVM infrastructures, integration with the  
Microsoft® Active Directory® directory service, and  
access to the integrated Dell Remote Access  
Controller (iDRAC) on each blade.  
The Avocent iKVM switch is compatible with stan-  
dard USB keyboards and pointing devices as well as  
with VGA monitors that support Display Data Channel  
DDC). Its video connections support display resolution  
ranges from 640 × 480 at 60 Hz up to 1,600 × 1,200 at  
5 Hz. When necessary, administrators can update the  
1 For more information on the PowerEdge M1000e, see “The Next-Generation Dell PowerEdge M1000e Modular Blade Enclosure,” by Chad Fenner, in Dell Power Solutions, February 2008,  
February 2008  
Reprinted from Dell Power Solutions, February 2008. Copyright © 2008 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.  

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