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You can check the free hard disk space by  
touching (HOME) t (MANAGE  
If the ACCESS lamp is lit or flashing after  
recording is finished, it means data is still being  
written onto the hard disk or “Memory Stick  
Duo.” Do not apply shock or vibration to your  
camcorder, and do not remove the battery or AC  
• When the ACCESS lamp is lit or flashing, your  
camcorder is reading/writing data. Do not shake  
the “Memory Stick Duo,” or remove the battery  
pack. Otherwise, image data may be damaged.  
• Ifyouinsert the“Memory StickDuo”into theslot  
in the wrong direction, the “Memory Stick Duo,”  
the “Memory Stick Duo” slot, or image data may  
be damaged.  
You can capture up to 3 still images by pressing  
PHOTO during movie recording (DCR-SR190E/  
• The numbers of recordable still images on the  
“Memory Stick Duo” (1GB)are followings (with  
the default setting of the image size as shown in  
DCR-SR32E/SR42E: 5,900 ([VGA (0.3M)])  
DCR-SR52E/SR62E/SR72E/SR82E: 1,800  
DCR-SR190E/SR200E: 480 ([4.0M])  
DCR-SR290E/SR300E: 315 ([6.1M])  
The maximum continuous recordable time is  
approximately 13 hours.  
When a movie file exceeds 2 GB, the next movie  
file is created automatically.  
The maximum recordable time are followings  
(with recording mode [SP]);  
approx. 10 hours and 50 minutes  
All numbers measured when using a “Memory  
Stick Duo” made by Sony Corporation. The  
the recording environment.  
approx. 21 hours and 40 minutes  
approx. 14 hours and 30 minutes  
• The number of recordable images varies  
depending on the image quality or the image size.  
For details, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF).  
To record still images on a “Memory  
Stick Duo”  
You can change the recording media of still  
images to a “Memory Stick Duo.”  
x To change the recording media of  
still images  
(OPTION) t  
tab t  
Select the media in which you want to  
save still images, then touch  
You can use only a “Memory Stick Duo”  
marked with  
Your camcorder returns to recording  
standby mode.  
x Inserting/ejecting a “Memory Stick  
Open the LCD panel, then insert the  
On Easy Handycam operation  
By pressing the EASY button, nearly all  
settings on the camcorder will be  
automatically operated so that you can  
perform recording or playing back operation  
without detailed settings. During Easy  
Stick Duo slot in the right direction until  
it clicks.  
Memory Stick Duo” into the Memory  
Handycam operation,  
appears on the  
LCD screen. To cancel Easy Handycam  
operation, press EASY again.  
You cannot use some buttons/functions during  
Easy Handycam operation.  
ACCESS lamp  
“Memory Stick Duo”)  
To eject a “Memory Stick Duo,” open the  
LCD panel, lightly push the “Memory  
Stick Duo” in once.  

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