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Any problems that occur as a result of any of the following conditions will not be covered  
by our warranty.  
Be careful that no water, dust, or sand enters the camcorder.  
When you are not using the camcorder, switch off the power and attach the lens cap.  
When you shoot at a scene which contains an extremely bright object such as the the  
sun or a light source, a bright vertical bar may appear in the picture.  
Your camcorder is functioning properly, but the solid-state pickup device (CCD) usually  
causes this as an inherent characteristic. Try to avoid shooting an excessive bright  
object directly.  
Be sure not to leave the camcorder in a place where the temperature exceeds 140  
deg. F (60 deg. C), or the pickup device may be damaged.  
Dangerous includes:  
Do not point the electronic viewfinder to direct sunlight; it could damage the  
The liquid crystal display (LCD) panel is made by highly precise technology. More  
than 99.99% of its picture elements (pixels) are effective, but some (less than 0.01%)  
may not appear as coloured bright dots. This does not indicate a fault as the LCD panel  
stretches the limits of current technology. (for VM-2800A/VM-3800A)  
Digital zoom up to X24  
Digital zoom up to X100 (only for VM-3800A)  
Solid-state camera pickup  
High Quality picture technology  
Auto focus power zoom lens with macro feature  
Full record and playback capability with standard  
Program AE (Auto Exposure)  
Fade in / fade out  
Color electronic viewfinder (EVF) (for VM-2800A/ VM-3800A)  
Flying erase head  
Time and date  
Index signal  
Audio / video dub  
Audio dub  
Built-in camera light (for VM-2800A/VM-3800A)  
Differences between Models VM-1800A/2800A/3800A)  

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