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RADIANT SURFACE UNITS(on some models)  
Use care when touching the cooktop. The glass surface of the cooktop will retain heat after the controls  
have been turned off.  
Avoid scratching the glass cooktop. The  
Clean the cooktop with caution. If a wet  
sponge or cloth is used to wipe spills on a hot  
surface unit, be careful to avoid steam burns.  
Some cleaners can produce noxious fumes if  
applied to a hot surface.  
cooktop can be scratched with items such as  
sharp instruments, rings or other jewelry and  
rivets on clothing.  
Do not operate the radiant surface units if  
the glass is broken. Spillovers or cleaning  
solution may penetrate a broken cooktop  
and create a risk of electrical shock. Contact  
a qualified technician immediately should  
your glass cooktop become broken.  
NOTE: We recommend that you avoid wiping  
any surface unit areas until they have cooled  
and the indicator light has gone off. Sugar  
spills are the exception to this. Please see  
Cleaning the glass cooktop section.  
Never use the glass cooktop surface as a  
When the cooktop is cool, use only the  
recommended cleaning cream to clean the  
cutting board.  
Do not place or store items that can melt or  
catch fire on the glass cooktop, even when it  
is not being used.  
To avoid possible damage to the cooking  
surface, do not apply cleaning cream to the  
glass surface when it is hot.  
Be careful when placing spoons or other  
stirring utensils on glass cooktop surface  
when it is in use. They may become hot and  
could cause burns.  
After cleaning, use a dry cloth or paper towel  
to remove all cleaning cream residue.  
Read and follow all instructions and warnings  
on the cleaning cream labels.  
COIL SURFACE UNITS (on some models)  
Clean the cooktop with caution. If a  
wet sponge is used to wipe spills on a hot  
cooktop, be careful to avoid steam burns.  
Be sure the drip pans and the vent duct are  
not covered and are in place. Their absence  
during cooking could damage range parts  
and wiring.  
To avoid the possibility of a burn or electric  
shock, always be certain that the controls for  
all surface units are at the OFF position and  
all coils are cool before attempting to lift or  
remove a unit.  
Do not use aluminum foil to line the drip  
pans or anywhere in the oven except as  
described in this manual. Misuse could  
result in a shock, fire hazard or damage  
to the range.  
Do not immerse or soak the removable  
surface units. Do not put them in a  

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