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Flooring Under the Range  
Your range, like so many other household items,  
is heavy and can settle into soft floor coverings  
such as cushioned vinyl or carpeting. When moving  
the range on this type of flooring, use care, and it is  
recommended that these simple and inexpensive  
instructions be followed.  
The range should be installed on a l/4-inch-thick  
sheet of plywood (or similar material) as follows:  
When the floor covering ends at the front of the  
range, the area that the range will rest on should be  
built up with plywood to the same level or higher than  
the floor covering. This will allow the range to be  
moved for cleaning or servicing.  
Leveling the Range  
Use a 1%” open-end or adjustable wrench to equally  
back out the four legs. The flanges (rims) below the  
sides of the  
the countertop. Carefully  
must be raised above the top of  
the range into its  
installation space. Observe that it is clearing the  
countertop. Then place a spirit level or a glass  
measuring cup partially filled with water on one of the  
oven shelves to check for levelness. If using a spirit  
level, take two readings, with the level placed  
diagonally first in one direction and then the other.  
Adjust the four legs carefully. Level the range front to  
back and side to side. The range legs must rest on the  
floor. The range must not hang from the countertop.  

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