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After Lighting a Burner  
After the burner ignites, turn the knob to adjust the  
flame size.  
Do not operate a burner for an extended period of  
time without cookware on the grate. The finish on the  
grate may chip without cookware to absorb the heat.  
Check to be sure the burner you turned on is the one  
you want to use.  
Be sure the burners and grates are cool before you  
place your hand, a pot holder, cleaning cloths or  
other materials on them.  
How to Select Flame Size  
Watch the flame, not the knob, as you reduce heat.  
Any flame larger than the  
bottom of the cookware is  
wasted and only serves to  
heat the  
The flame size on a gas burner should match the  
cookware you are using.  
Top-of-Range Cookware  
Aluminum: Medium-weight cookware is  
recommended because it heats quickly and evenly.  
Most foods brown evenly in an aluminum skillet.  
Use saucepans with tight-fitting lids when cooking  
with minimum amounts of water.  
Glass: There are two types of glass cookware-those  
for oven use only and those for top-of-range cooking  
(saucepans, coffee and teapots). Glass conducts heat  
very slowly.  
Heatproof Glass Ceramic: Can be used for either  
surface or oven cooking. It conducts heat very slowly  
and cools very slowly. Check cookware manufacturer’s  
directions to be sure it can be used on gas ranges.  
Cast-Iron: If heated slowly, most skillets will give  
satisfactory results.  
Enamelware: Under some conditions, the enamel of  
some cookware may melt. Follow cookware  
manufacturer’s recommendations for cooking methods.  
Stainless Steel: This metal alone has poor heating  
properties and is usually combined with copper,  
aluminum or other metals for improved heat  
distribution. Combination metal skillets usually work  
satisfactorily if they are used with medium heat as the  
manufacturer recommends.  
Grills (on models with sealed burners)  
Wok Cooking (on models with sealed burners)  
Do not use stove top grills  
on your sealed gas burners.  
If you use the stove top  
grill on the sealed gas  
We recommend that you  
use only a flat-bottomed wok.  
They are available at your local  
retail store.  
burner it will cause  
Do not use woks that have  
support rings. Use of these  
types of woks, with or  
incomplete combustion and  
in exposure to  
carbon monoxide levels  
above allowable current  
standards. This can be  
hazardous to your health.  
without the ring in place,  
can be dangerous. Placing  
the ring  
the burner  
may cause the burner  
to work improperly resulting in carbon monoxide  
levels above allowable current standards. This could  
be dangerous to your health. Do not try to use such  
woks without the ring. You could be seriously burned  
if the wok tipped over.  

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